Water wells lead to the water of life in Thailand.

By September 17, 2003

Thailand (MNN)–Over 25% of humanity is subjected daily to drinking polluted or unsanitary water. There are also rural villages in such high altitudes that their only source of water is what they collect when it rains. They don’t have the resources or equipment to collect and store it properly.

Operation Blessing is not only breaking the cycle of water-borne suffering with the drilling of new fresh water wells but with the building of cisterns that attack the problems caused by the lack of water as well.

By drilling wells to uncontaminated water sources and building cisterns men, women and children around the world experience a new way of life as they have easy access to life-giving water.

OBI began drilling 16 fresh water wells last month in northeastern Thailand, benefiting nearly five thousand people.

In addition, the teams demonstrate God’s love by meeting critical physical needs and sharing about the faith that led them to reach out. Pray that the seeds planted through this project bear fruit.

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