Wild elephants bring a man to Christ in India.

By December 7, 2005

India (MNN)–Evangelistic ministry in India sometimes comes in odd forms.

Dave DeGroot is with Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India. He tells one story they got from a team member about a villager who was struggling with animals looking for food in his homestead. “One of the fellows on the fringes of the village in the jungle suffered constantly from wild elephant attacks.”

The animals were breaking his hut up regularly in their search for food. It had gone on so long, that DeGroot says, “Finally he gave up. He was basically homeless, living under a tree. And it was a group of Christians that discovered his plight and got money together for putting up a new hut for the fellow.”

One church member gave him some land in an area where the marauding elephants wouldn’t bother him. Today, DeGroot says this man is a member of the same church that reached out to him.

It was a simple way to let their actions preface the Gospel. “This is just one of so many examples of the way that Christians, through generous spirit, responding to the love of Christ, can see needs in the community. They’re in tune with some of the problems that people have and they respond as they’re able.”

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