Will Haiti be dedicated to Satan again?

By December 29, 2003

Haiti (MNN) — Haiti will be celebrating 200 years of freedom beginning January 1st, but many Christians are concerned. “As I understand it,” says Jim Burdick with the Evangelical Baptist Missions, “this is another attempt by the present government leadership to rededicate the Island nation to Satan.” This would be a repeat of what took place 200 years ago when Haiti was founded.

Burdick says the country is entrenched in evil. He says, “Voodoo is one of their primary religions and recently, within the last year, they’ve actually recognized Voodoo as a legitimate religion in the country.” Burdick believes this may be responsible for much of the Satanic activity that exists in Haiti.

However, Christians in Haiti are praying that God will intervene. “We do know that there are movements of people trying to get a large prayer contingency into the country,” says Burdick.

The layman’s voice of OMF International, Men for Mission is also concerned. Men For Missions is responsible for Operation Saturation, an effort to distribute solar powered radios. These radios are pre-tuned to 4VEH, Christian radio in the country. Men For Mission’s Bill Evans says Christians need to get involved. He says while the radio station avoids political issues, “They continue to encourage people to pray for their country, while not mentioning the concern for the government wanting to rededicate the country (to Satan).”

Evans says a whole group of churches are praying for the situation. He’s asking believers around the world to do the same. “Just ask God to claim Haiti as His own and to begin to win people back to Him and ask that God would give us that nation for His glory”, says Evans.

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