Winter is on the horizon and earthquake victims in Pakistan are at risk.

By October 28, 2005

Pakistan (MNN) — It’s being called a race against time. The relief effort in Pakistan is immense as more than 50,000 people were killed, 74,000 injured and an estimated three million homeless. Tens of thousands of people remain stranded, unable to get food, water or shelter.

The United Nations has requested more than $500 million for their part in the massive relief effort. They’re trying to reach hundreds of thousands of people in remote regions of the country who have no food, water, shelter or medicine.

Doug VanBronkhorst is with the Christian organization, Interserve: “It’s just unbelievable in terms of the number of people involved, both dead and wounded and now secondary issues and concerns. I expect this to be an on-going problem that will change the face of the country not only geographically and physically, but also emotionally and population-wise for years to come.”

VanBronkhorst says there are areas that haven’t even been reached with any kind of aid. “Given the sorts of things that happened, with whole mountaintops collapsing and roads, which were not good to begin with, just being cut off absolutely from any kind of vehicle, and helicopters can only go so far, too…” there are many who haven’t received any kind of help.

While getting to many areas is difficult and the task at hand seems overwhelming, Interserve workers are having an impact. “They do their jobs well in providing the kinds of services that people need, professionally, and in this case medicine. But, they also share the faith along with it, just as a natural part of life,” VanBronkhorst says.

Because they’re also helping the local church, long term impact could be immeasurable. “Because they are responding to this disaster, they are providing help in the name of Christ. And, these are Pakistanis helping fellow countrymen. And so it will, I hope, will give the church a little more visibility and also an opportunity to shine.” And, that could open other doors.

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