With international adoptions on hold, Christian support is needed in Romania

By August 1, 2005

Romania (MNN) — In January, Romania placed a moratorium on adoptions that would have placed hundreds of children in homes in the United States and Europe. This ban is now causing even more problems for an already stressed child care system. There was hope that adoptions would reopen, but that’s not the case.

Buckner Orphan Care International is partnering with an organization in Romania. “We’re so excited to announce a partnership that we have with a ministry in Oradea, Romania, which is providing Christian families for children. And, the ministry is called Pathway to Joy and Buckner is now supporting children in foster families.”

Many Christian families are willing to be foster families, but funding is an issue. “Many of them have children of their own and to take on an infant or young toddler, they may not have the resources. So, what we’re doing, for $75 a month, is supporting children in these foster families and you actually sponsor a child in a foster family.”

The great part about this program is it’s emphasis on Christ. “This foster care program is actually a spiritual fellowship time with the families altogether. This happens on a monthly basis where those families actually have spiritual fellowship and encouragement from the local church there as well as our social workers and staff.” That’s exposing these children to the Gospel.

If you’d like to help Buckner with this foster care program, click on the highlighted link above for their contact information.

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