Word-of-Mouth proves a powerful ally in Ghana.

By May 21, 2004

Ghana (MNN)–Word-of-mouth has proven a powerful ally in the work of the Oasis International Training Centre near Accra, Ghana.

The vocational training center stands between two small towns as a beacon of hope. Oasis International’s Bishop Elvina Miller says that was never so clear as it was when she congratulated one of their handicapped students at graduation. “He wants to earn his own living so he will not have to depend on people. We also are developing Christians into preaching, and they become ministers.”

That, in and of itself is exciting. Word of what’s available at the center has attracted hundreds of people from all over the country, including government officials. The courses in this time-tested curriculum have been utilized for the past 50 years in institutions and learning centers throughout the United States.

That has proven to be an interesting problem for Oasis.
It’s growth that’s simply coming too fast without a financial support structure in place. Miller says, “We are not advertising this. They are advertising this. I am not staffed to take care of this crowd of people, so we try to keep it low-key.”

Pray for this ministry as it continues its phenomenal growth.

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