Words of Hope launches a new facility in Niger.

By April 18, 2006

Niger (MNN)–Niger is plagued with famine and the threat of instability. Peace is now an attractive path.

Words Of Hope’s Lee DeYoung says the situation is perfect timing for a partnership with the Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger (EERN). They’re buying time on local radio stations with the goal of expanding outreach with Words of Hope’s broadcasting help.

The partnership has been two years in the making. DeYoung notes that the ministry in this Islamic country can be diffcult, but so far, believers have been able to share the Gospel over the air.

It was time, he adds, for growth. “The EERN has been doing that for some time on a limited basis but eagerly now pursuing the goal of putting daily programs on in the majority language of Hausa as well as in French.”

EERN leaders have appointed a gifted broadcaster, Pastor Sani Nomaou to direct the project. Sani spent a few months in the U. S. working on all aspects of program production.

It’s one step closer to seeing a dream become reality starting with a new recording studio that they helped launch. DeYoung shares, “This new digital facility contains two separate recording studios; there are already two people in place who are recording programs.”

Words of Hope will also provide materials and help train local pastors to effectively pursue broadcasting opportunities on local community stations. “The target date for launching broadcasts,” says DeYoung, “is the month of September and at that time, a number of stations will be airing these programs five days a week.”

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