Workers are needed to help with the massive spiritual harvest in East Asia.

By October 15, 2003

East Asia (MNN) — More workers…more workers…more workers. That’s the cry of SIM International . More workers are needed help point people to Christ in Islamic countries in East Asia.

SIM Director of Operations Doctor Steve Strauss says SIM workers are seeing incredible results from at least one Islamic country. “Some of our teams on the ground are talking about thousands and even tens of thousands of people who are coming to Christ, largely as a result of using drama and other techniques to change people’s perspectives on who Jesus is and prepare them for evangelism.”

Strauss says many Muslims have a misunderstanding of who Jesus Christ is and His message. He says, “I think it’s so important that we don’t preach Christianity, but that we preach Christ. So, that’s is what are teams are trying to do, present people with Jesus.”

Many mission agencies say they need more nationals to do the work. While Strauss says nationals are important, needs people period. “We need people who are willing to go through some training to learn how Muslims think and work with the church in a way that allows the church to continue to take leadership. We have micro-economic enterprise programs to get businesses started and use that as a platform for sharing their lives and their faith.”

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