World-changing passion of the church in China

By August 30, 2005

China (MNN) — God has been stirring up a vision in China for many years. Christians there have a growing passion to see the Gospel spread over the entire world. And they see their part is to follow the silk roads from China through the Muslim world, and back to Jerusalem, to complete the Great Commission.

It’s a village church movement, not the urban church, and it’s long been growing, but the church lacks resources and training. A minister with Open Doors, International, Johnny Li says that the church is still young. They’re still exploring how to do missions work, how to support missionaries, and discovering how missionaries can equip themselves to bring the Gospel outside of China.

The church recognizes that they need more skills if they want to go to the world. Many of them are learning English and trying to get training to prepare themselves for ministry. Currently, Li knows of ten Chinese missionaries on the field. Li says, “So I think mentally, we are in the preparation, and we have a great desire, but slowly. And for us, sending out 10 missionaries today is a big job already.”

Li says there may be few missionaries actually on the field right now, “But behind that, that’s more than 100-thousand people. I’ve talked to hundreds of people…In July I was in a class, and I asked all the students, every student raised up their hand, ‘The reason why we’re here because we want to learn mission, we want to prepare ourselves, we want to bring the Gospel to the world,’ and out of China, I think the desire is within the church of China.”

It’s not a move from the outside, Li explains, but an inside thing, boiling up from within the church in China. And the Chinese church hopes to make other believers worldwide aware of this movement that’s taking place. Pray that the Chinese church will be equipped and God will use their passion to reach the Muslim world with the Gospel.

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