World Food Day isn’t just about food.

By October 14, 2004

International (MNN)–World Food Day, slated for observance October 16th, is one more reminder of the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.

Each day, more than 840 million people go to bed hungry. Beyond the statistics and the wrenching stories, Food For The Hungry‘s Tamara Dutch says, “It’s not about guilt. We want to raise awareness. It should be about making a positive, pro-active difference in the lives of millions of people whose most basic needs remain unmet. Food For The Hungry looks at it as a call to action.”

More than 40 percent of the earth’s surface is used for agriculture, placing a large responsibility on farmers to protect biodiversity. Added to that, people depend on just 14 mammal and bird species for 90 percent of their food supply from animals. When one part of the balance goes wrong, the result costs millions of lives.

The idea behind the awareness campaign is to promote responsible agriculture and to help make current farming more efficient.

Dutch explains meeting physical needs opens the door for ministry. “We are all working for the same God. We all have that as our sole mission. So, whatever ministry that those like-minded organizations carry out, we’re all working to increase the hope in those communities.”

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