World Vision airlifts supplies to Jamaica

By September 17, 2004

Jamaica (MNN)–In Jamaica, a glancing blow from Hurricane Ivan shattered lives. The storm swept away thousands of houses, and left the island in the dark.

Jamaica’s government made a formal plea for international help. The government’s request for additional relief funds comes as the administration is trying to get the rehabilitation process started.

The category four hurricane with winds of 150mph resulted in significant flooding, landslides and infrastructural damage, leading thousands of homeless and 17 deaths.

World Vision’s Carolyn Rose-Avila says their emergency airlift arrived late yesterday with more aid. “We went out on Monday and did food distributions and water distributions.”

Partnering with local community groups, churches and humanitarian agencies, she says World Vision is working to co-ordinate a consolidated relief effort in the region. “We’re going to support Food For The Poor–and we’re going to be distributing tarps, tropical blankets, cans, water purification tablets and some medical supplies.”

Rose-Avila explains that during crisis, the response of believers becomes a tool. “We’re coming together under the Holy Spirit. It’s only through a partnership that we can really help others. I know that’s the Lord helping us to do that. It’s giving us strength and it’s keeping us optimistic so we can bring hope to those who have been hurt much more and are in great material need.”

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