World Vision prepares for spike in humanitarian need if African Union troops withdraw.

By September 19, 2006

Sudan (MNN)–The possibility of deteriorating security in Sudan’s Darfur region is prompting World Vision to mobilize humanitarian aid.

The mandate keeping African Union peacekeepers in place ends September 30. Rising violence against NGO’s could increase without the troop protection. Twelve humanitarian workers were killed in Darfur in July and August alone.

There may be a reprieve in the works. Sudan has said that it favored keeping African Union peacekeepers in Darfur after their mandate expires.

Even so, several aid agencies, including World Vision, warned in early August that increasing insecurity in some areas was crippling their ability to reach people in need.

World Vision’s team is not only looking for a long-term solution solving security and need, but also for a way to share the peace of Christ.

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