World Vision responds to meet needs of children and families impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

By September 5, 2005

USA (MNN/WVI) — The entire Gulf Coast of the United States has been declared a public health emergency in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In response, World Vision began shipping emergency supplies to those impacted in and around the region.

To help with the immediate and ongoing needs of hurricane victims, truckloads of supplies from World Vision centers in Dallas, Texas; Washington D.C.; Pittsburg, Penn; and Denver, Colo.; were dispatched to provide relief supplies to churches and other faith-based organizations working in the area.

Many families displaced by the hurricane and widespread flooding have fled to churches outside the flood zone for assistance. World Vision’s response is to strengthen and support these churches as they minister to the immense needs of millions of people.

Restoration and rebuilding could take years, and in light of that devastation, World Vision has reopened their American Families Assistance Fund, which was originally established in response to the needs of victims of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Through this fund and their partnership with local churches, World Vision seeks to provide lasting hope and help to those families in this difficult situation.

If you’d like to contribute to World Vision’s relief fund, click on the highlighted link above for contact information.

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