Worldwide Christian Schools calls on kids to ‘Share the Joy’.

By May 9, 2005

USA (MNN)–Worldwide Christian School’s Steve Geurink says ‘Share The Joy’ is a program geared to show kids how their school could be a part of the missions program in other places.

It’s an interactive unit that teachers can use in order to get their students excited about what’s going on in the Dominican Republic, and Geurink says, “The purpose is missions’ awareness for their classroom. It’s an aid for a teacher to be able to know what Worldwide Christian Schools is doing in the Dominican Republic to learn about the 21 schools that we’re assisting there.”

Guerink says there’s a great opportunity for evangelism in the schools. “These teachers are able to have these students at their feet, day after day, and not only teach them the ABC’s, but also bring them the good news of the Gospel, which then, in turn, goes back to their families.”

Geurink says as classes or schools begin sponsoring other Christian Schools in the Dominican Republic, they are exposed to a larger body of Christ.

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