Wycliffe Associates kids ministries in USA/Great Britain merge

By April 6, 2005

USA/UK (MNN) — Two organizations in two different countries are now one, and the goal is to serve missionary kids overseas. KidZone International is the new name for the merger of the Kids Ministry of Wycliffe Associates in the U.S. and Kids Club of Wycliffe Associates in the United Kingdom.

Wyliffe Associates Bruce Smith says, “We’ve decided it’s time to pool our resources and put both of these programs together. We’re calling it KidZone International. Basically it’s just a ministry to the missionary children of these families so that we can give them some spiritual input, some renewal of their own, a time to have fun together, but also to be spiritually focused.”

Smith says daily Vacation Bible School will be something that’s offered overseas. “When we have Vacation Bible School here in the United States you probably choose from lots of different options. What we do is we create a core curriculum here in the United States that we bring there.”

Volunteer teams do the work. They’re recruited, meet for training and then head overseas. Smith says the program isn’t just for Christians in the United States. “This is really an international complexion of the team right now and, especially with this active combination of the two programs. We’d be very glad to facilitate the involvement of people from any portion of the world.”

What’s great about the program is that seeds of the Gospel have already been planted. “These are kids that are in an environment naturally where they’re much more aware of the need for salvation and the evangelistic intent of this whole ministry. But, at the same time they have to come to a point personally where they make that decision for themselves,” says Smith.

Last year 175 children in eight countries were able to participate in Vacation Bible School, who otherwise, would not have had the opportunity.

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