Xitshwa people in Mozambique are receiving God’s word in audio

By December 6, 2005

Mozambique (MNN) — Talking Bibles International is reaching an illiterate people group in Mozambique with the Gospel. And, they’re doing it through partnerships.

Luke Rider with Cross Connection Outreach is the distribution and production partner for the New Testiment in Xitshwa people. “There’s approximately 1.7 million people who speak the Xitshwa language.”

He says the illiteracy rate in Mozambique makes audio Scripture essential. “The literacy rate in Mozambique is astounding. Basically, nobody reads their mother language.”

Because of that need Rider and others traveled to Mozambique to record the New Testament and now he’s the driving force to distribute God’s word throughout the region. But, he’s not doing it alone. “The local pastors, they know where we need to take them. Talking Bibles are working with the process. YWAM has provided us with technicians to record and the Bible society is encouraging it.”

The project started last July and distribution is already taking place, says Rider. “We’ve gotten Bibles there through teams — organizing teams to take Bibles through their luggage. We have about 500 Bibles in the country right now with about 400 in circulation. And, those Bibles are actually in areas where people have never heard the word of God before.”

The goal is to distribute 5,000 Xitshwa language Talking Bibles then move on to the next language. Rider says they need more partners to help fund these devices, which he says are having an impact in multiple ways. “The Talking Bible in Mozambique is really a tool that’s helping strengthen the church and also plant churches. Evangelists are taking them out into communities.”

It costs about $30 to get a Talking Bible into the hands of someone who needs it.

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