Youth center dedicated in Beslan, Russia to help youth deal with terrorism

By October 31, 2005

Russia (MNN) — Last year more than 300 people died when Chechen rebel fighters stormed a school in Beslan, Russia. A little over two weeks ago, scores of Chechen rebels attacked the city of Nalchik, just 60 miles away. That left 31 Russian soldiers and 100 Chechen fighters dead.

Many Russians, especially children, in this region live in fear of what tomorrow might bring. That’s why Russian Ministries recently dedicated a youth center in the city of Beslan, not more than a quarter mile away from the Beslan School #1. We talked to Russian Ministry’s Anita Deyneka in Russia. “The whole area of the Caucuses is such a tinder-box of ethnic hatred. And, that’s why we’re so excited about this youth center and the offerings of hope and the Gospel to people who are still suffering.”

This youth center will help with a number of issues, says Deyneka. “Counseling and then to have a place where they can come to play and sing and hear the Gospel and learn about computers.”

According to Deyneka the country’s entire youth population is at risk of being lost if nothing is done. “It is so grim and needy, spiritually. To have hope and be able to have forgiveness and all that only the Gospel can bring and all over Russian and the Ukraine. The next generation is so threatened by HIV, which is rising more rapidly than anywhere in the world, just so many problems that only the Gospel can change and bring hope.”

Russian Ministries needs funding to support this youth center, which will be home to their School without Walls training. That program equips young believers to be effective lay leaders in their church.

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