Youth ministry in Poland fights pessimism.

By March 8, 2006

Poland (MNN)–Mission To Unreached People’s Rick Watkins says their efforts in Poland focus on youth ministry, evangelism and discipleship camps, discipleship, internships, and strengthening the local church.

It’s a challenge in this historically Catholic, post-communist nation. The country has nearly completed its transformation to a democratic, market-oriented country, which adds yet another level of depth for those involved in bi-vocational missions work.

Their fight, explains Watkins, is against the pessimism of the youth. “If we can get them out of the mindset that’s rather secular, thinking just about how much money I can earn and material things, into something more long-term spiritual, then that’s probably the first step.”

Watkins says their discipleship camps play a key role in creating fertile soil for more evangelistic work. “During six weeks, we have found that that is long enough to change not only the mentality and worldview of a person, but actually their lifestyle.”

When asked how effective the evangelism and discipleship camps were outside of the camp setting, he responded, “We like these intensive discipleship training camps because it’s long enough and intensive enough, that really, we see some long-term change.”

MUP missionaries like the Watkins serve as either vocational workers, evangelists, church planters, or Bible teachers, or in the field of education, teaching English or in other arenas. Pray for continued open doors.

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