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28 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. Dear brother Jeremy Clark in Christ.
    Heartily greetings to you and your family and all your ministry team members in the mighty name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ,

    Brother, I am pastor. N.John, Sea Coast Gospel Ministry-India, firstly i and my co-workers we are all invite toy my place so please tell your thoughts for your India trip, please come to my place and visit our work and needs, we are all request you to please give me your kind fellowship hands, and i request you in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ please talk our ministry work and give your cooperation and helping hand for our ministry needs, i and my Co-Pastors we are all Looking for your good respond, Thanking you all,
    your brother in Christ.
    Pastor. N.John,

    • God bless u I share a vision of my wife( a diplomat)who was lifted up in heaven on 2nd Jan 2014 and stood in front of the Most Holy throne and God spoke to her in loud and furious voice that go on Earth back and tell the people that something Unique will happen on Earth in May 2014 which never happened before. Save the people who wana be saved and leave the rest. She did not share this vision except me to anyone because already many people told this kind of vision but God had mercy and gave more time to the world to be prepared for heaven but this time He was not looking in the mood to give more time and Grace. So I wana share it with no discrimination of caste or religion, white or black, rich or poor, gentle or sinner, king or beggar. It is the Will of Lord Jesus Christ to tell the message of deliverance to everyone not any particular group of people. To the workers of Lord Jesus Christ, I request do it with the speed of racehorse not at the pace of snail or tortoise. Spend much money on big conventions and seminars not only on Sunday but 24×7 encourage each other. Don’t hate anyone but give the message of God to everyone. Don’t care the people what they say about you but seek the Lord,s Will. KL Angora .

    • Dear pastor and your co-worker it is our pray that our God will meet your needs according to his word.we recognize your work in the Lord.

  2. Dear brother Jeremy Clark in Christ.
    Heartily greetings to you and your family and all your ministry team members in the mighty name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ,

    Brother, I am pastor. S.D.Sonawane, onehope-India, firstly i and my co-workers we are all invite toy my place so please tell your thoughts for your India trip, please come to my place and visit our work and needs, we are all request you to please give me your kind fellowship hands, and i request you in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ please talk our ministry work and give your cooperation and your prayer for our ministry needs, i and my co-workers we are all Looking for your good respond, Thanking you all,
    your brother in Christ

  3. Hi
    I hope and pray you are fine with the blessings of God – the Almighty.

    CRWRC worked in District Tando Muhammad Khan Sindh Pakistan in 2011 and I worked with I-LAP in CRWRC and now running an organization namely SYWA (Sachal Young Welfare Association), Mr. Mike Hoyer know me sound way.

    Sachal Young Welfare Association (SYWA) working Tando Muhammad Khan Since 2007 and has two main program education and health. In education SYWA providing counseling services students in schools, colleges and community level, while same time also organize quiz competitions, workshops, educational walks, seminars and study circle programs in students. SYWA on health organizing medical camps, workshops, seminars and providing machineries to Rural Health centers with collaboration United Energy Pakistan (UEP), same time SYWA also collaborate with PPHI and government of Sindh for providing services , SYWA have big achievements in health program throughout 2007.

    Now we wish that CRWRC should work in Tando Muhammad Khan more on development and relief projects. We need your kind support in education and health projects to provide relief in minorities such as Christian and Hindus, while in education we wish to improve female education system.
    We look forward for your kind and positive response.
    Best regards,
    Sikander Ali Nizamani

    President SYWA
    Cell# 0333-5141332, 0346-3665038
    Follow on FB: Sachal young Welfare Association
    Twit us @sywapk

  4. Greetings to you in the name of Lord and savior Jesus Christ, my name is Bibit Babu, I am a member of Miracle Assemblies of God (A.G) church. Our ministry is registered in Bhopal (district) , Madhya Pradesh (State), India (country) named as Miracle ministries of India (religious trust) with FCA. I do job and simultaneously serve the Lord preaching the Gospel to gentiles in slum areas. I and my family preach the Gospel and pray for people those who are in the clinches of satan, Lord Yeshua is doing mighty work, the fear of Lord is over the slum area since they have seen the miracle of Yeshua in these slum areas. we have given them the Bible but unfortunately they are illiterate so they can’t read, so my goal is to provide them education both to children and adult.There are many childrens in that slum whom we share the stories of Bible, they don’t have good clothes to wear, school to study, but they are interested to listen word of God carefully. we gather clothes from our church believers, relatives to provide them. Till now I am not working under any organization I work independently and support this ministry with my salary, but now it seems to be difficult to run alone so as I was praying for this matter , I look forward to work with your organisation and need your suggestion on this.

  5. Greetings dear pastor we are praying for you all please pray for us and help my ministries

  6. i am the wife of evangelist irfan james who is preaching in pakistan tribal areas of pakistan since last 13 years and during even controll of taliban in those ares he continued his preaching while he received many threats from them as he distributed many christian literature and holy bible in pasto and Persian languses. he is now kidnapped by pakistan tehreek e taliban 1 week ago plz help me

  7. Thomas Rasiah
    Shared publicly – Nov 10, 2014

    What God reveals you through his Word of God through the Bible
    (Behold I Bring Life Eternity) daily is Greatest New Thing in all over
    the Universe for ever. But, the world does not know God properly.

    • And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men. Col 3:23
      It’s a short life Jesus is coming soon! We’ve got the best possible news to offer to the poor and oppressed Let’s run hard to bring them the Good News so they can reach their own people for God’s glory!“
      Dear brother in Christ.
      Loving greetings to you and your family and all your ministry team members in the mighty name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ,
      Brother, I am pastor.BBRao AGW Ministries-India working in rural and urban slum areas with 15 small congregations, each congregation is about 15 to 20 members .those congregations conducting prayers in the thatched sheds and Verandahs pray for them Firstly I thank to God for this privilege to meet you because of the love of Jesus. We send you greetings to you and your family in His blessed name. Brother I and my co-workers we are all invite U to my place so please tell your thoughts for your India trip, Brother we invite you with great warm along with your family come to our place and visit our work and needs and share the word of God among James 1:27 . We distribute free clothing to poor widows feeding Fatherless children and doing Evangelism and working with 15 independent pastors in rural and urban slum areas.
      Kindly extend us to your kind fellowship and blessed hands on us and visit our ministry work rural and urban congregations. We are working independently. According to Matt28:19-20
      and give your cooperation and helping hand for our ministry needs, I and my Co-Pastors we are all Looking for your prayerful reply. Thanking you all,
      Your brother in Christ.
      Pastor. BBRao,

  8. Hello Sir Greetings in Jesus Name .
    I am Evenglist.Rambabu joseph from Andhra Pradesh.
    We are running ministry in india and other tribal remote area villages.
    We want church.
    We are praying for u and your to visit us and see our mission work in india and help us to reach more souls who are in tribal areas.

  9. I am Jean-Bosco Nsabimana from Bujumbura- Burundi East Africa.Please I would like to invite you to come to join us in our Ministry.Dear we serves to build the leadership Capacity of Local Churches and grassroots community Organizations,enabling them to effectively carry out their Spiritual,Social and Economic activities in a more creative,responsible and Sustainable approach within the Church and Community as they Fulfill their role in Holistic Transformation.Please i would like to invite you here in Burundi
    Po box: 2275 Bujumbura-Burundi

  10. I like to partner with you for kingdom advancement and humanity in Sierra Leone.
    Pastor Peter Alfred

  11. i,m hana in indonesia, i desire to help the childrens ministry , thank you, blessings.

  12. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, greetings 2 U in Jesus precious name.
    From :Joseph Steven Stanley I studied BT.h ATA in kerala and now I am studying M.Div 11nd year in Bangalore India. Pray for my heart’s desire to serve the lord and serve the people who are unknown to Christ, and bring them to the feet of Jesus Christ have strong vision to reach the unreached and teach the untaught I am an young man of just 20 years I have to good bye worldly job and my life is for only Jesus. With great trouble I am studying M.Div in Bangalore now but for the sake of Lord Jesus I have no turning back. So I would like to need your help to pray for me and pray for sponsor to help to pay my monthly fee for both boarding and lodging and college fee. I have to need to purchase some bible commentaries also. I need a laptop to study and do work on it daily. Pray for this also. Here in Bangalore many types of laptops are available here. After completion of my course I have to do different projects for the uplift the poor and needy and transform their lives through the wonderful word of God Almighty. Keep me in your daily prayers and reply soon. I am glad to send you my BTh graduation pix for proof . and also I will send you present college admission and photo along with my pix I will be waiting on lord and trust in HIS word and His word never return void and never fail…May God Bless you all I would love to hear from you …….
    Yours in Christ
    B Joseph SS, [B.Th ]

  13. I am Dr.K.A.SWAMY. i was born in a gentile family, saved by HIS Grace while doing my Ph.D in one of the best Universities in India.
    I have been in the ministry since 2006.
    I would like to help Millions around the world. GOD is GREAT and GOOD. HE will make me a Blessing to Billions.Please pray for me and I will help you, when time comes.
    GOD bless you profusely.

    with lots of love in Christ

  14. Brothren,pray us that God will empower us to meet the spiritual,Physical and emotional need of the people in the area we are working.our Organization have been involved in relief work with a community that is dominated with Muslims,the need for orphanage rose because the killer disease Ebola has cause a lot loss in the area.There had not been any who could associate withe said group besides the Church.The survivors really need help of all sort and the orphans.

  15. Psalm 121
    We need prayers for Church Ministry.
    Thyatira Church Trust Bangladesh.

  16. Praise The Lord !!

    Praise The Lord !!

    May all Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ !!

    Respected Brothers & Sisters,

    Request your kind, Urgent Prayers for my immediate Promotion in Office , so that I can help many and can donate more for Gospel Works and for Charity Works in Andhra Pradesh. ( I have been earnestly praying for this need since 2006).Though almost all my colleagues and even my juniors have got elevation, I am condemned, though I worked very hard.

    As my Promotion in Office is delayed for long, I am facing lot of Humiliation from all my family members and from my colleagues. Also in my present place of posting I have lot of Financial difficulties and other hardships ;so I request Prayers for my transfer from this place Urgently. I am depressed a lot.

    -Soman Mathews, Chennai, India.

  17. Dear, Brother,
    Greetings in the Blessed family of Christ,

    Dear, brother please kindly pray and help for my artfical Limb, if I have limb I will back to preaching the gospel surrounding poor village.

  18. hi,
    Heartily greetings in the Mighty name of the Lord Jesus.
    Dear, brother in Christ, I need your prayer and help for Our children ministry which we have just started in order to help young children to know God in their young age. We believe that if we invest full the word of the Lord in their young age they will not forget it even in their old age

  19. greetings to you . it is very useful for women and church grows shortly . pray and visit my ministry and provide trailing centre

  20. Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour. I
    am happy to introduce myself as Rev.P. Devadanam working in the
    vineyard of Challapalli, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. Since from
    last 30 years God had involved me for HIS work in the un reached areas
    and Women and Youth congregations.

    In this connection i am happy to inform you that I Started an Organization in the name of ADHARANA (Action for Development of Human and Rural Neglected areas) it is a Christian Faith Based organization in established year 2005. Since from its inception i render my services through this organization in our congregation.

    Now i am established, maintained and run an orphan home with 20
    children in our project area called Challapalli. In this home we
    provide all the things to the orphans with good nutritious food,
    health care and formal education apart of Gospel Education. In the
    future these children were well educated and became good servants of
    God. Also we support regular pastors help for 25 poor Rural Pastors
    in our area. All these programme were conducted by me with out any
    help by the Grace of God. He will encourage me morally for doing
    these events.I wish you a happy inform you that our organization more information.

    In this connection we request you to please pray for us and for our
    orphan home in your daily prayers. We are here praying for you, your family and for your Ministry.

    May God Help you To Help the Help Less.

    Thanking you,
    Devadanam Perika.

  21. My names Bishop Edward Kisembo, once again i thank you for you arrangements of training us , i just request you to fix me any where , my ministry is to plant churches and train leaders ,so i request to be trained so that i may be able to train others also.

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