“A Light in the Darkness” from SAT-7

Seven days of guided intercession for the Middle East and North Africa


In the region where the Christian faith was born, one tragedy and horror has followed
another. We know you care about the Middle East, and have no doubt been
heartbroken, as we are. Perhaps we also wonder whether there is any hope. Certainly,
when we look at the Holy Land today, it is easy to ask, “God, where are you?”

But working in Middle East ministry has shown us that there is no crisis so horrific or
heart-breaking that God cannot be at work. In the most unimaginable of situations,
isolated believers tell us that their faith is growing. They say, “God is with me. I sense
He is with me. I see Him working.” In the promises of His Word, and the evidence of this
experience, is where we find our hope for the Middle East and North Africa.

And so, as children clinging to a loving parent, we cry out to God for this region that
we love – that we know He loves.

Many people have asked us, how can they pray for the Middle East today. The
following guide is only a suggestion; please use it however it is useful to you. The
guided prayers may be only a prompt for your own intercession. Or, we know that
sometimes, having words to follow can be helpful. Thank you for praying for the Holy
Land and for the whole Middle East and North Africa.

SAT-7 offers this free prayer guide for the readers and listeners of MNN. Download your copy by completing the form below.


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