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Mission Network News is here because of you! We are asking you to get involved both financially and prayerfully this year. Being listener-supported, we depend on financial commitments each month for day-to-day and operational expenses to bring you the News you want to hear.

As you give, you enable MNN to continue providing news and information to inform and motivate prayer partners and supporters at home and around the world. Will you consider a gift of $50 today? Your gift is helping to make the Gospel known worldwide for the Glory of God. Thank you!

Grateful for your partnership,

Chris Lemke2



Chris Lemke, Executive Director
Mission Network News


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  1. I have been going to your website for informations and for reading and I could find out that you are doing great job. May God bless you soo march. But pls I am in Ghana preaching the gospel of my father and a ministry of training the children so that when they grow the become perfectly in Christ Jesus.

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