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Published on 20 June, 2008

500 Bibles sent to Cedar Rapids

(MNN) — The World Bible Translation
is sending almost 500
Easy-to-Read Bibles to Cedar Rapids,
IA, where residents are beginning
to clean up after storms triggered devastating floods. 

The organization hopes that God will use the Bibles to
comfort the 25,000 people who were driven from their homes when Cedar River flooded this month. Local Cedar
Rapids churches will help distribute the Bibles, which
were provided by WBTC employees through the WBTC Employee Bible Grant

The city is wary of water contamination as it begins
clearing trash from 1,300 city blocks. 400
blocks were completely submerged. Cedar Rapids is Iowa's
second largest city, with a population of over 120,000, BBC News reports. Iowa Governor Chet Culver recently declared
most of the state a disaster area. 

Bible Translation
Center exists to
translate and distribute faithful, easy-to-understand translations of the
Scriptures in the world's major languages to lead people to Jesus and help
believers grow in faith. The
Easy-to-Read Bible was originally developed to meet the special needs of the
deaf. Baker Book House still publishes The English Version for the Deaf, but
the Easy-to-Read Bible has been adapted to reach people who can hear but have
difficulty reading. Click here if you
would like to help send God's Word to flood victims. 

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