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Published on 03 November, 2005

A mission agency issues a call for recruits in 2006.

International (MNN)–Global Aid Network, otherwise known as GAiN USA, needs some help. GAiN’s Tim Burns says they’re putting together a mission trip to the former Soviet Union to places like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Siberia, Kazakhstan.

There is some urgency as several of these areas are beginning to close their doors. GAiN is getting ready to launch their Winter Project 2006. “We’re looking to take over 300 to 350 people into this area, and to go into places like hospitals, prisons, youth camps and outreaches to take the Gospel, to take humanitarian aid into these folks.”

In many of these areas, the teams partner with the local church as guests. That allows them to go into the zones with aid. Of course the opportunity usually arises where the recipients want to know the ‘why’ behind the assistance.

The Gospel takes on a different meaning when blended with the physical ministry. Often teams take in food, clothing, and medical supplies to places where people are surviving on very little. Hope has a way of opening hearts, regardless of how the government regards Christians.

That takes people. And people is the one resource they don’t have enough of. Burns attributes a slow trip response to the distraction of needs in the U-S.

However, “Just because we’ve got something going on here doesn’t mean that there’s not need overseas.”

He urges people to: “Just pray and ask if God is calling you to go. Although God calls some people to help out locally, God calls some people to help out internationally, and that’s part of being the body of Christ.”

That brings the question to you: what can you do?

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