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Published on 24 November, 2006

A reminder of time and place comes to an evangelist.

Philippines (MNN)–Re-tuning focus often renews the vigor behind the GREAT Commission. So says Global Advance’s David Shibley.

He was in the Philippines for an international mission conference. Shibley says he thought he was there to discuss strategies and forward movement with other mission agencies, but God had a plan on a grander scale.

One day, Shibley hailed a cab to get to the morning’s first meetings. A few minutes into the ride, he discovered the driver spoke fluent English, so Shibley decided to make the best use of his time and engage the driver.

In the course of their discussion, Shibley began steering it toward sharing the Gospel with his cab driver. When he began telling the story, the driver had to pull over because he was so overcome.

Then the driver said, “I’ve just been crying out, all night long saying, ‘God, it would be so great to be born again. Would You please put someone in this cab who could show me how I could be born again?'”

A thunderstruck Shibley shares, “It was a tremendous honor to share the Gospel with that man, pray with him as he received Christ as his Savior and Lord.”

It’s hard not to marvel at how God works. Shibley is amazed that God took him halfway around the world, to put him in touch with one desperate man who needed Him. It also shows the serious nature of the Great Commission.
Such an incident “…emphasizes the call that He’s given to all of us. The Commission that He’s given to us, to go to every person on earth and insure that every person has the privilege of hearing this wonderful story of God’s love through His S on, the Lord Jesus.”

Global Advance’s vision is to provide training and resources for one million pastors and church leaders in needy areas of the world.

Shibley says, “We believe empowering national church leaders is the most strategic, cost-effective, and culturally sensitive way to advance the Gospel.” Click here if you want to help.

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