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Published on 12 October, 2012

Al-Shabaab strikes again in Kenya, this time killing a child

Kenya (MNN) — The Somalia terrorist cell al-Shabaab seems to have reached a new low. According to International Christian Concern (ICC) and multiple international news agencies, police think al-Shabaab was behind the Sept. 30 attacks that killed one child and injured 12 more.

Pray for the families of these children.

As Sunday school was in session at St. Polycarp's church in Nairobi, attackers lobbed a hand grenade into the building. Kenyan police told Reuters a nine-year-old boy was fatally injured, and other children were sprayed with shrapnel when the grenade exploded. BBC said most of the 12 injured children were harmed in a stampede following the attack.

Al-Shabaab means "The Youth" in Arabic and emerged in 2006 as the radical youth wing of Somalia's previous Union of Islamic Courts. Since Kenyan troops entered Somalia a year ago, al-Shabaab has increased its attacks in Kenya. It seems the terrorists aim their Muslim rage at believers.

Five Mombasa churches were severely damaged by rioters following the death of known al-Shabaab supporter Sheikh Aboud Rogo in August. Gunmen attacked a Garissa church in July, killing 18 believers and injuring 60. The ICC said the Sept. 30 attack took place in Eastleigh, a neighborhood known to be a safe haven for al-Shabaab operatives.

"The churches in Eastleigh and the underground fellowship feel threatened," said underground church leaders quoted by the ICC. "We need prayers because our lives are at risk."

Pray for safety for innocent believers. Pray that the Kenyan government would suppress al-Shabaab forces.

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