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Published on 13 December, 2007

Children reach a village with the Gospel in India

India (MNN) — A church planter in India's Assam State was struggling to launch a Bible-based Adult Literacy class. Elian had trained through Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India.  

Many times, he tried approaching homes in the area and offered to pray with the residents. But most people slammed the door in Elian's face. Hoping to share the Gospel as he developed a relationship with people, he tried to generate an adult literacy class, but again, as most of the adults were tired after a long day in the fields, Elian got discouraging response.

Although he couldn't get the adults interested in coming, he noticed the children in the villages were unattended during the day. There wasn't a school in the area, but Elian was there. Since his church planting materials included information on how to start a Children's Bible Club, he decided to try it.

According to Mission India, the day he decided to start it, he stood at the roadside where he knew the children would pass by him, and he began to sing. Soon, he had a crowd of children around him, singing and dancing to worship songs.

Since that day, Elian's ministry in the northeastern state of Assam has grown. Just as he hoped, the children shared the songs and Bible stories with their parents at night. At least 10 families are now following Jesus. If you want to provide training for a church planter like Elian, click here.

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