Ministry gears up for rebuilding effort in Angola

By December 13, 2007

Angola (MNN) — Angola continues rebuilding after the end of a 27-year civil war in 2002.

Evangelist Sammy Tippit says they're taking part in the effort in January 2008, as a show of solidarity with the Church there. "The Angolans have asked us to come back and do five major evangelistic meetings throughout the nation, in five major cities. I'm going to be in the capital city, we've got other evangelists who are going to be going into the other cities. We'll be doing some pastors' conferences; also my son is going to be doing some leadership and discipleship training."

The purpose of this trip, according to Tippit, is "to join hands and hearts with Christian leaders in Angola to impact their nation for Christ by conducting mass evangelistic crusades in five major cities of the nation. The goal is to see thousands of people come to Christ." 

Tippit, along with his wife Tex, will be in Luanda, the nation's capital, where he will also be holding a pastor's conference; Wayne Jenkins, along with his wife Martha in the city of Luena; Marshall Wolcott in the city of Cabinda; Dave Tippit in the city of Benguela, where he will also be conducting an Eternal Concepts discipleship training school; and Sammy Gilbreath in the city of Uige. These meetings will be carried out in various public areas, where each and every Angolan has the opportunity to hear the message of Christ.

"We're expecting God to move the entire nation for Christ," said Tippit. "We will be in every major city, and we're trusting that God is going to change lives in each one of those cities. If that happens, the nation will impacted for Christ."

Many Angolans are excited about the opportunities for people to come to know Christ. Tippit adds, "This is the first time in a decade that anything like this has been attempted. One reason for it is the infrastructure in the country was so devastated by the war. So this, again, is helping to rebuild the nation, spiritually, morally and just bring people together in a sense of unity."

Pray that God will put messages in their hearts that will spark a nation-wide revival. Pray that God will touch each and every person's life that attends the crusades and that the country of Angola will be hit with powerful love and faithfulness of Christ that will change its people forever.


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