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Published on 01 March, 2007

Fire damages training center in Sudan.

(MNN) — Open Doors' multi-purpose evangelism training center in southern Sudan
experienced a devastating fire two weeks ago. 

Most of the dormitories were lost as well as the kitchen and
washing facilities. The classrooms at the Emmanuel Christian Training Center
(ECTC) were spared, and now house an estimated 160 students.  While students were able to save most of their personal affects, some
of the mattresses and mosquito nets inside the huts were lost.

encompasses both an "old" compound, made up of mud buildings, and a
new compound, where permanent brick buildings are under construction.  Both the construction site and the current
classrooms were spared damage.

There were no injuries, and the cause remains under
investigation. Although classes were disrupted, they resumed on February 26.

Open Doors is still assessing the damage. Although those present at the
center are traumatized and in a state of shock, they have expressed faith in
God in the midst of these troubling circumstances.  Pray for the teachers and staff as
they recover from the fire.

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