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Published on 10 October, 2013

Kazakh pastor faces new charges.

(Image courtesy Wikipedia)

(Image courtesy Wikipedia)

Kazakhstan (MNN)- A Kazakh pastor has been rearrested on new charges after already being in prison for 5 months. Pastor Bakhytzhan Kashkumbaev was arrested in May for “inflicting damages” on one of his parishioners through his sermons.

Kashkumbaev spent about a month’s worth in a psychiatric clinic during his pretrial detention. Russian Ministries updates us to October 7. The court in Astana ruled that he could be transferred to house arrest due to his poor health. On October 8, police rearrested Kashkumbaev on new charges just moments after he was released from the detention center in Astana.

As Mission Network News posted in June, Wade Kusack with Russian Ministries says Kashkumbaev was accused of serving hallucinogens in a “red drink.” He says, “The ‘red drink’ that was confiscated from the church was just red tea to serve as non-alcoholic communion.”
Along with original charges, other charges include: exerting psychological influence over the congregation. During the first court hearing, Police showed a video of prayers and singing that was made during one of the services.

Kashkumbaev’s lawyer, Nrulan Beisekeev, stated the new charges on Kashkumbaev were related to alleged extremism.

As a Christian converted from Islam Kashkumbaev and his supporters insist that the charges against him are politically motivated. Because of Kazakhstan’s new religious law, Kusack and other Christians in Kazakhstan believe the reason why Kashkumbaev was arrested and rearrested is punishment from law enforcement officials who consider themselves Muslim. Kashkumbaev poses as a threat to the Muslims because he says everyone should be able to practice their own religion freely.

According to Open Doors 2013 World WatchList, Kazakhstan is 48 out of the 50 ranking countries where Christian persecution is most severe. Pray for the permanent release of Pastor Kashkumbaev. Also contact your country’s embassy. If you’re in the United States, click here. Be the one who helps make a difference.

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  • Pray justice for believers.
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