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Published on 17 September, 2008

Ministry encouraged by movement in Zimbabwe’s political situation

Zimbabwe (MNN) — Zimbabwe's
political rivals set aside deep differences and agreed to a power-sharing deal intended
to end the crisis of government. 

There's hope now that the international
community will rally to help end Zimbabwe's political and economic crisis. The country has been plagued by chronic
unemployment, HIV/AIDS, and hyperinflation–at nearly 11 million percent. 

The new numbers show that more
than two million people are hungry in Zimbabwe, expected to skyrocket to five
million by the end of the year. 

Stability was a commodity longed
for, and now, Charles Debter with Global Aid Network (GAiN USA) says this week, "There
was an agreement signed by the current party in office in the presidency as
well as with the movement for Democratic Change. We're hoping that that
collaborative government might bring about a greater opportunity to worship
Christ, as well as for the economy to turn so that the needs of people might be
better met."

The new Prime Minister Morgan
Tsvangirai says his top priorities are to get food to hungry Zimbabweans, to
build a more democratic society and to free the media.

The political violence that broke
out forced GAiN USA to delay some of its work. However, Debter notes, "It is now
possible once again for humanitarian aid to be distributed to people in great
need. So while we're encouraged that the aid we have shipped will now be able
to be distributed to people, there's still a tenuous and difficult situation

Global Aid Network is planning a short-term mission trip to Zimbabwe May 15 – 27, 2009 in response to many who have expressed an interest in serving
alongside a local partner ministry. This
group planted 300 new churches in 2004 through an effort known as Project Jericho.  

will serve in children's ministry, working with local ministry partners to
deliver aid and hope to people in need. Pray that their partner staff will have new
opportunities to demonstrate the Gospel through the aid.

Click here for more details.

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