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Published on 26 September, 2008

Ministry listens, provides aid

Moldova (MNN) — The ground is beginning to dry in Moldova, but below the surface, it's still spongy following the floods that devastated villages last month. Many homes collapsed, but the government has promised that every home that was destroyed will be replaced.

Little Samaritan Mission was in the village of Purcari offering what relief and hope they could to people who lost everything immediately after the floods came. They handed out rice, dry
goods, and detergent, among other things. Blankets were a welcome relief for people who decided to wait up all night for Little Samaritan's arrival because they couldn't sleep anyway.

Before the floods hit, the concern in Moldova was whether or not there would be enough water for the people. They were consuming seeds and watching their grapes "boil on the vine." When the rain finally did come, the rivers that border Moldova and the irrigation canals and the dams could not hold it all. 

Thousands were affected, but thankfully, few people were killed. 

Little Samaritan heard stories of many people in the village of Purcari. One couple saved every penny
for four years to fix up a house that they called their "castle." It was crushed and everything in it destroyed by water.

Many older people watched as the homes they raised their families in were covered, little by little, with water. These people were forced to find housing with friends, family, or other villagers whose homes were not quite as damaged.

Pressure is now on for relief workers and the government; fall has arrived, and the cold of winter will soon be on its way. The Moldova Red Cross has emptied its disaster response stocks and appealed for international help. The Turkish Red Crescent and the French government responded, among others. The International Federation has also appealed for more than a million Swiss francs which has, thus far, been 54% covered. The head of operations for the International Federation is confident that the people of Moldova will get the supplies they need before winter hits.

Pray for strength for the people who must start over–young and old. Pray for LSM as they listen to people's stories and share God's hope. Pray that people will come to know Christ as their personal Savior.

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