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Published on 06 February, 2013

RHM seeks to launch radio ministry in Mandarin

China (MNN) — It's going to take your help for a fifth of the world to hear about Jesus.

"One out of five people on planet Earth lives in China and therefore can speak Mandarin," says Ron Hutchcraft of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries (RHM).

"We want to show up in China with the Good News of Jesus and hopefully break through to many hearts there in that great, great mission field."

RHM has a radio program called "A Word With You." It began 30 years ago, and Hutchcraft says it soon became a "flagship" for their ministry. Using a trifold structure Hutchcraft describes as "Story, Scripture, and 'So what?" the program introduces Jesus in non-religious language.

"Here in North America, people might not listen to radio as much as they used to because there's so much on the Internet But in much of the rest of the world, radio is still a front line for communication," says Hutchcraft.

This explains why radio is a platform many can connect with in the developing nation of China. Another important aspect of Chinese culture means airing "A Word With You" in Mandarin could reach untold millions for Christ.

"The Chinese culture is a story-telling culture," Hutchcraft explains. "This story-based format, [which] leads through the Gospel and through Scripture and application of that, could have a really powerful impact on people in China.

"Our prayer is that this might help introduce many, many folks in China to our Lord."

Your help is needed to accomplish this goal. The program has been translated into Mandarin, and Hutchcraft says everything's in place for distribution through a partnership with TransWorld Radio.

"TransWorld Radio has powerful transmitters that cover a lot of ground in China. Consequently, it's a powerful delivery system," explains Hutchcraft.

What's holding RHM back from launching the program in China? Funding.

"It's essential that the Gospel be available in the heart language of one-fifth of the world that God' so loves,'" Hutchcraft states. Can you help? Click here.

Pray that the Lord would provide resources to get His Word to China. Pray, too, for wisdom for the RHM team.

"Because we're on frontiers of reaching through many languages, through a different kind of radio program, I would just ask people to pray for us as a creative team," says Hutchcraft.

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