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Published on 18 June, 2013

Second fire in a year affects HCJB Global staff in Colorado Springs

USA (MNN) — Firefighters in the U.S. are making gains on the Black Forest Fire in Colorado. As of Sunday, the 14,198-acre fire was 65% contained.

It's good news for groups like HCJB Global, whose ministry headquarters were evacuated last week. The Black Forest Fire flared out of control nearly a year after the Waldo Canyon Fire affected metropolitan areas of Colorado Springs.

"We were so thankful a year ago, when we saw the fire come down the mountainside, that the Lord protected our mission facilities and the homes of our staff," says HCJB Global President Wayne Pederson.

"This latest fire is a constant reminder that we have to depend on the Lord's protection daily."

HCJB receptionist Daunice Winters and her husband are among nearly 500 Colorado Springs families who lost their home to the flames.

"They were able to get a few possessions out, but the house was destroyed," said HCJB communications director Steve Johnson last week. "They are now staying with family. She said they were going to Wal-Mart to get some clothes."

Beth Tanksley, who works as director of donor management and lives in the town of Falcon southeast of the flames, said she is in no immediate danger but is keeping on high alert.

"We know of at least a couple of families from our church that have lost homes, unfortunately," she says.

At last count, the number of homes engulfed by the Black Forest Fire stood at 485, making it the most destructive fire in Colorado's history. Thousands of people remain evacuated, and police are investigating the possibility of arson.

Pray that the fire is fully quenched soon and recovery efforts can begin.

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