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Free Book from Christian Aid Mission

FREE book from Christian Aid Mission

Finishing the Task coverDear Friend:

As we watch world events unfold, do you feel like we are living in the end times?

Even as I write this, we are seeing the forces of evil terrorize the church, exercising their military power and resources to extinguish believers. In the Middle East, entire Christian communities have been forced to flee their homes from ISIS. In Africa, Boko Haram threatens Christians and entire communities with death and destruction. The dark flag of terrorism and destruction flies freely, and the people of God seek refuge.

But even as Satan does his worst, God is doing some of best through His people who are already there.

The indigenous (or native) church is faithfully at work in Iraq, Nigeria, India, and other areas hostile or closed to foreigners. They are busily sharing food, water, shelter, and the hope of the Gospel with anyone and everyone. They have no language or culture barriers, no outside attachments to distract or dissuade them. And when the outside relief help has gone, they will remain, ministering to their people. They are God’s “boots-on-the-ground,” peacefully serving not just their friends, but their enemies.

In our featured resource this month, “Finishing the Task,” you will discover how indigenous missionaries are effectively and efficiently reaching unreached areas with the Gospel and seeing cultures and countries transformed from the inside out.

You will discover:

  • The Nepali man who survived five months in a dungeon filled with human corpses by sharing with his captors and fellow inmates this simple message: “I know a Man who died and rose again.”
  • The Chinese woman who served 20 years in communist work camps and now serves hundreds of Chinese Bible schools and churches, facilitating the spread of the Gospel through China.
  • India’s “Man of Compassion” who cared for thousands of homeless children and pioneered a training center that sent out 3000+ indigenous missionaries to reach his country.

For your copy of “Finishing the Task,” please complete the form below.

Together, we can pray for and learn from our brothers and sisters overseas.

In His Grip,





Greg Yoder, Anchor & Executive Director
Mission Network News

P.S. Please be sure to fully complete the form below to obtain your copy of “Finishing the Task.” Thank you for your faithful support of those serving Christ faithfully overseas.


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