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Ibrahim and the Dreamer

Ibrahim and the Dreamer DVD

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Mission Network News is constantly looking for quality resources to help you in your walk with the Lord. This ‘free-stuff’ is made available to help you in your quest to be more missions minded.

This month, we’re partnering with Scriptures In Use (SIU) to provide the DVD Ibrahim and the Dreamer to help you understand why storytelling is an incredibly effective way of sharing your faith.

Based on stories collected from the people of Northern Ghana, Ibrahim and the Dreamer is a film about the power of stories to change lives, and how people in these remote, hard-to-reach parts of the world learn through story-based oral communication styles.

When Ibrahim, a villager in Northern Ghana, and his brother, Osman, have a falling out, it seems that nothing can reconcile them and bring their family back together.  But on his way to meet Osman to extract his revenge, Ibrahim meets a strange man, Wumbei, that he’s seen

Ibrahim and the Dreamer

Ibrahim and the Dreamer

only in his dreams.  Late that night, around the campfire, Wumbei tells Ibrahim the story of another man, Joseph, who had dreams and was shunned by his brothers.  Ibrahim is fascinated by the compassion that Joseph was able to show, but is unsure if he’s able to show the same mercy.

Ibrahim and the Dreamer is a story that explores the power of Bible stories in a place like the Islamic Sahel of West Africa, and shows how storytelling can change hearts, minds, and lives.

To get your copy of Ibrahim and the Dreamer, fill out the information below. You’ll receive the DVD directly from SIU in the days ahead.

In His grip,





Greg Yoder, Anchor & Executive Director
Mission Network News


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    Ibrahim and the Dreamer
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  • Ibrahim and the Dreamer