World Mission

By November 6, 2013
Mission Statement

We deliver the Word of God in an audio format (The Treasure) to oral learners living in unreached people groups.

Vision Statement

Extending the gospel of the kingdom to all oral learners living among unreached people groups.

Core Values

  • The Word of God guides all we do as an organization.
  • Prayer is the guiding force that directs all of our activity.
  • Being flexible and following the Holy Spirit’s lead is highly valued.
  • Fulfilling the Great Commission by seeing the lost develop a meaningful relationship with Christ is our ultimate objective.
  • We are focused and disciplined. Fulfilling our mission will always receive the best of our time, energy and resources.
  • We maintain positive attitudes, always build team members up and never speak thoughtless words about one another.
  • We welcome volunteers who are led to serve at World Mission and will provide a positive environment for them to use their gifts.
  • We believe the gospel is most effectively presented in a holistic context.
  • Holy Spirit led National Leaders are the most effective ground laborers to implement our mission and engage unreached peoples.


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