Gospel makes new roads in Southeast Asia

By April 3, 2012

Southeast Asia (PNS/MNN) — Pioneers is involved with a
people group in Southeast Asia whose culture is slowly dying out.

Little is known about the Bahl, other than that they are
generally oppressed and marginalized, have no citizenship to any country, and
speak an unwritten language. Two million
people are in this group, but there are no known Christians, and there are no known
audio discipleship materials translated for this unreached people group.

To be Bahl is to be Muslim. However, God is changing hearts,
and many are open to hear anything that might bring them hope. They're
expressing an avid interesting in learning about God. Now, Bahl's are asking for Bibles, for
stories about Jesus in their own language, and for prayer.   

Several weeks ago, Pioneers sent a team of medical and
dental professionals to Southeast Asia to train national church planters.

The Pioneer host team writes, "As a result of these clinics,
three Muslims on our island have expressed interest in the Gospel." That's the good news and a huge opportunity.

God has prepared their hearts and continues to prepare them;
the question is: who will go to tell them? If you would like more information, check our
Featured Links Section.

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