Ukraine’s situation worsens

By September 5, 2016

Ukraine (MNN) — One of the most challenging commands Jesus gave during ministry was to “love your enemies.” Bob Provost says that challenge has taken on a whole new meaning for Slavic Gospel Association.

“Nobody ever anticipated there would be an incursion by Russia into Ukraine a couple of years ago. It’s been quite tragic. We, of course, minister as much in Russia as we do in Ukraine,” Provost says, and he means it.

Slavic Gospel Association provides support to refugees from both Russia and Ukraine, and they’ve even been able to train and send chaplains to the frontlines with the Ukrainian forces.

Image Courtesy Slavic Gospel Association

(Image courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association)

But things are still looking grim.

“The situation in Ukraine in recent weeks has indeed escalated. In the east, more and more shooting is taking place all over the frontline, [and] our chaplains talk about constant shelling from the Russian forces,” says Provost.

And according to a recent report, “Brothers in Mariupol once again said Russians were shooting on the outskirts of the city.”

Yet as the situation worsens, Provost reminds us no matter what happens, God has a plan.

“In our opinion Russia is looking for new regions to start a large-scale military action on the border with Crimea. We have again called our churches to join prayer efforts, that God would not allow Russia to advance to Crimea, to Odessa, into Mariupol, as well as in Donbass.”

In the face of so much violence and power, what strength does prayer really have? According to Provost, it makes all the difference in the world.

“We’re asking American churches to continue to pray for Ukraine and the stopping of the war. With regards to financial assistance we would ask to help chaplains with transportation expenses. They constantly have to travel to the Donbass and serve soldiers and officers in the battalions.”

If you’ve interested in giving to Slavic Gospel Association to help them send their chaplains, click here.


  • Umer says:

    I dont understand how the government doesnt see it
    Instead of delivery of lethal weapons(real lethal weapons not AKM) they keep playing mind games with an enemy They are delusional paranoids on drugs They hope that santa clause will make their dreams come true
    These people are dangerous

  • Master says:

    God, bring peace and freedom in Ukrain and also encourage people to bring Gospel.

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