Date: 2020-07-10

Story 1

Police begin Bible launch investigations

South Korea (MNN) — What began as an activity restriction in South Korea is turning into an assault on religious freedom. In early June, police stopped Voice of the Martyrs Korea from sending Bibles across the border to North Korea. Today, the ministry and its co-founder, Eric Foley, face criminal investigations. One began this week, and the first evaluation shows no misconduct. Ask the Lord to sustain Foley and VOM Korea. Pray justice will prevail as the investigations continue.


South Korea (MNN) -- Politics supersede religious freedom in Bible launch case.

Story 2

The Unlocked teen devotional turns one year old

USA (MNN) — This month, the Unlocked teen devotional from Keys for Kids Ministries turns one year old. Unlocked was born when camp directors reached out to Keys for Kids asking for a resource for teen campers. Kandi Zeller, the Unlocked Editor, describes the vision behind the devotional. “So, it is a daily teen devotional that is sort of like Keys for Kids. But the difference is instead of just having the stories every day, we have different genres every day. So, you might have sci-fi fantasy, you might have poetry, you might have essay, and all of those daily devotions connect back to the Gospel. How does Jesus and what he did affect the topic we’re talking about?” Unlocked doesn’t shy away from tough topics, such as sexuality, mental health, and grief. Zeller says, “Our whole mindset is that we will address any topic because the Gospel addresses everything. Because we are keeping it scripture-rooted and centered on Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, that gave us a framework to move into these conversations because they are so important.” You can join this conversation by writing for Unlocked or subscribing. Zeller asks Christians to pray that the Gospel will be clear to teens who read the devotional. “We’re also praying that the hearts of our readers and the hearts of the Christian adults in their lives would be prepared to have those difficult discussions. Because sometimes those are so hard and people get really afraid to have them.”


USA (MNN) — Keys for Kids' teen devotional tackles touch topics through multiple genres and a Gospel lens.

Story 3

DOOR celebrates new fellowships and Christian workers in East Africa

East Africa (MNN) — The Gospel is on the move among the Deaf in East Africa. Two by two teams with DOOR International are preaching the Gospel and discipling new Deaf believers. However, because only about 15 percent of Deaf people worldwide have access to a Deaf-led church, mature leaders are hard to come by. Rob Myers the International CEO and President of DOOR International says, “Many times those communities still need a mature believer who can come alongside them and answer some of the very hard questions. If you think about the context of the New Testament, you had Paul, who was a missionary in a number of different cities, but he would follow up in those cities and sometimes he would plant other strong believers in those cities to help local churches to continue to grow and thrive.” Despite the challenges of COVID-19 God has called a mature believer and his family from Kenya to South Sudan. Edward Obaga [Oh-bay-guh] and his family have provided assistance to Deaf Sudanese Christians as they navigate ministry during COVID-19. “I think the reason that we’re so excited about Edward engaging that way is that this is yet another example of everywhere to everywhere.” Pray for Edward Obaga and the growth of the Deaf Church in East Africa during COVID-19.


East Africa (MNN) -- DOOR International commissions new Scripture and leaders in East Africa.