Date: 2018-07-20

Story 1

Childhood returns to refugee kids at Bible camp


Lebanon (MNN) -- Triumphant Mercy helps kids be kids again
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Story 2

Andrew Brunson returns to prison after third hearing

Turkey (MNN) — On Wednesday, American Pastor, Andrew Brunson, faced his third hearing in Turkey on false charges of espionage and terrorism. The international community was optimistic that Brunson would be released. However: “That did not happen. There were more witnesses that testified. Andrew was not released. He was not allowed to go home for the remainder of the trial. He was returned to prison after that, and the next court hearing is not scheduled until October the 12th,” says Voice of the Martyrs USA’s Todd Nettleton. He says while the result is disappointing, the silver lining is that Brunson got to share his faith in court, and demonstrate supernatural forgiveness. “We certainly pray for his freedom, and we continue to pray that God will strengthen him and empower him and encourage him, and even allow, just as he did at the hearing this week, allow him to be a witness for Christ.”


Turkey (MNN) -- Trial continues for American Pastor

Story 3

Migration crisis cannot outpace Gospel growth

Venezuela (MNN) — Venezuela’s migration crisis is cause for concern. Every day, thousands of people pour across the border into Colombia seeking food, medicine, and a future. Earlier this week, the U-S committed six-million dollars to help stem the crisis, bringing the total amount of Latin American aid to 56-million since 2017. The situation is dire, but TWR’s Mariette Oosterhoff says there’s reason to hope. “There is a revival at this time in Venezuela because people are looking for hope and strength, so they want to know God.” She just visited TWR partners in Venezuela, and shares more about the situation on our website. “The people who are staying there are going strong and trusting the Lord, and doing anything to help people who haven’t left yet. They distribute food among the people don’t have anything, but they say to the people, ‘We give you food, but we also want to give you spiritual food.’” Please continue to pray for this situation, and pray for TWR’s radio ministry to Venezuela.


Venezuela (MNN) -- Venezuela’s migration crisis is cause for concern

Story 4

Scripture booklet prevents suicide in South Africa

South Africa (MNN) — How much power can a few pages hold? If you ask Helen Williams of World Missionary Press, she’ll tell you a story. One of her contacts in South Africa recently encountered a man who was considering ending his own life. “On the bedside dresser, there was a Scripture booklet. He picked it up and he read it. He went on his knees and he asked Jesus for forgiveness and for a second chance. Today, all is well with his soul, his home, and his business.” That’s why Williams takes resource distribution so seriously. “This is power. This is Scripture infused by the Spirit, and we have no idea where each booklet is going to land or how the Lord is going to use it. Our job is to produce it and to get it out into people’s hands, and from there God directs it to a soul that is prepared and in need.” You can help World Missionary Press send Christian literature around the world with THE FULL STORY!!


South Africa (MNN) -- A man was about to take his own life when he saw a Scripture booklet by his bed

Story 5

Postage stamps key to reaching students in prison with the Gospel

USA (MNN) — This year, Crossroads Prison Ministries has tripled the number of Bible study students they minister to in prison. The difference? Postage stamps. Lisa Blystra, President and CEO of Crossroads Prison Ministries, explains, “We had a significant number of students that were really dropping out of our program very early on. They simply could not afford to put a stamp on their completed Bible study lessons in order to get them sent back to us and then forwarded on to their mentor.” Crossroads started paying for their students’ postage in January, and hundreds of men and women in prison joined the program. Now, they have a new problem. They need more mentors. “With less than 12 percent of the general population in prison having any connection to the free world, you can never underestimate the value of just a simple word of encouragement to reach out and say, ‘You matter to God and you matter to me.’” You can learn about becoming a Crossroads mentor in the FULL STORY.


USA (MNN) – Mentors needed to reach tripled number of Crossroads students