Date: 2017-12-12

Story 1

Jerusalem controversy and the impact on Christians

Israel (MNN) — Last week when the Trump Administration officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, protests erupted around the world. Not surprisingly, the juncture of politics and religious beliefs, especially when it comes to one of the most notorious land disputes of our time, is the perfect environment for international debate to break out. While Open Doors USA is not caught up in the political arguments, they recognize the implications this could have on Christians around the world. David Curry of Open Doors says, “From Open Doors perspective, what we look at in the Middle East is where are Christians persecuted within that region? What are the issues, what are the tension points? How can we support persecuted Christians, to first survive, in many parts of the Middle East, and then thrive, hopefully, eventually, over time? And so, obviously, this is a thing that we’re going to be looking at over time as to whether or not it plays a part in increasing persecution of Christians in the Middle East, whether it draws attention to these issues in a different way.” Around the world, people hostile towards western culture will often target Christians because they view Christianity as a western religion. Pray that through the muddied waters of religion and politics that the Gospel would shine through and that Christians would stay strong in their witness.


Israel (MNN) -- International outrage comes on the heels of major US announcement

Story 2

Pakistan army brokered deal called unconstitutional

Pakistan (MNN) — Pakistan isn’t calming down after last month’s protests. And now, the army brokered deal between the demonstrators and the government has been determined unconstitutional. FMI’s Bruce Allen shares; “Justice Siddiqui, who was the one made these declarations for the IHC, said that in fact the protestors themselves were committing blasphemy. And he expressed apprehension that nobody’s life is safe in Pakistan.” In November, the Sunni Ittehad Council declared it heretical for anyone to vote in the future for the current ruling party. However, Justice Siddiqui isn’t having it. “And so he even requested that the Attorney General, being a representative of the federal government, to make sure that mosques and Islamic seminaries stop issuing religious decrees declaring people to be apostates or non-Muslims; said that they’ve got to stop this.” Allen says Christian persecution in Pakistan may rise in twenty-eighteen. And he wants to make sure the Christians and church leaders are prepared. With that said, these Christians will need prayer and resources. Find out how you can walk alongside them and pray in the FULL STORY! And join us tomorrow to hear how the recent protests are affecting Ahmed’s blasphemy case.


Pakistan (MNN) -- Pakistan is still unstable after weeks of protests and rebellion

Story 3

A day in the life of a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship

International (MNN) — Have you ever thought about becoming a missionary pilot? Mission Aviation Fellowship does humanitarian and evangelistic flights into remote areas. And they’re always looking for men and women to work with them. Pilots are obviously a critical part of their ministry. Just ask Brian Marx, a pilot with MAF based in Papua, Indonesia. Not a flight goes by when I can’t look in the back of the plane and see the reason that I came to Papua. Sometimes it’s a missionary or a pastor or an evangelist. Other times, it’s a teacher and schoolbooks. And sometimes it’s a huge pile of cargo…. That’s my favorite part, is just being able to serve. Marx grew up overseas and his parents served with MAF. As he puts it, the pilots were his heroes. And when two pilots passed away, he saw how much their absence crippled the ministry. I just saw this gap and the struggle and God began working on my heart and I began to pray and say, ‘God, if you’ll open doors, I will step through them and I could maybe fill the shoes of those pilots who are gone now.’ Want the full scoop on a day in the life of a missionary pilot? Read more in the FULL STORY. And pray how God could be asking you to serve Him. Who knows. Maybe you’ll be MAF’s next missionary pilot!


International (MNN) – Would you like to become a missionary pilot?