Date: 2020-10-21

Story 1

China Aid’s Bob Fu receives death threats

USA (MNN) — Bob Fu, the president of China Aid, has received death threats and is currently being protected by law enforcement. The FBI and CIA are investigating threats against his life by members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), while protestors outside his house called him a spy for the Communist Party. Confused? Greg Musselman of Voice of the Martyrs Canada says, “It’s really hard to know exactly who is behind this. But what we do know is that Bob and his family have been under threat and that’s being taken very seriously.” Fu often speaks out against the CCP and its religious freedom violations. “Bob has even been in the White House, he’s had many members of the Senate, Congress even mayors that are involved. He is well respected. And so, what Bob says, is taken with a lot of seriousness, and the Chinese government obviously doesn’t like that.” Whoever is behind these threats, they want Fu’s influence to stop. But Musselman says that won’t happen. “Bob’s not going to be silenced. He has survived persecution. He was arrested, him and Heidi, for starting an underground church in China. He was involved in Tiananmen Square.” Pray that God will protect Fu and his family during this stressful time. And pray for your brothers and sisters in China, that they would have grace and strength from the Lord in the face of persecution.


USA (MNN) -- Fu frequently criticizes the CCP, especially their persecution of different religious and ethnic groups.

Story 2

Bible translation work in Nigeria suffers from terrorism, the pandemic, and economic collapse

Nigeria (MNN) — Terrorist activity, COVID-19, and economic pressure have slowed or halted much of the Bible translation in Nigeria. Recent terrorist attacks by the jihadist Fulani herdsmen have resulted in many deaths, and these are in addition to the damage inflicted by Boko Haram. Wycliffe Associate’s Tabitha Price says, “A lot of these groups are militant Islamic groups, and so they have a particular hatred of Jesus followers. This is a problem that’s been brewing and has really created a challenge for Nigeria on so many levels.” The danger these groups present makes travel difficult. Price says that travel, and by extension Bible translation, has been further disrupted by the pandemic. “Part of the challenge for us is that people usually need to travel to be able to work on the translation together. Many of the translators don’t live in the same village, and because of the pandemic, they’ve not been able to get together in a community.” Many translators have also lost their jobs due to the pandemic. As they struggle to provide for their families, some still find time to work on Bible translation. Wycliffe is providing relief funds for translators in difficult situations. Visit our website to learn how you can help provide these translators with much-needed relief and pray for the persecuted church in Nigeria.



Nigeria (MNN) -- Wycliffe Associates supports translators as projects are delayed or halted.

Story 3

World Concern introduces sustainable solutions

International (MNN) — If helping people in need was an easy task, everyone would do it. Some obstacles and circumstances take longer to overcome, requiring substantial time and resources. It’s a heavy investment, and few are willing to pay. In the hardest-to-reach places, World Concern helps people climb out of extreme poverty and move towards something better. Cathy Herholdt says curiosity gives their team plenty of Gospel opportunity. Look for this story at Mission-News-dot-org to connect with World Concern.


International (MNN) -- Community transformation requires a long-term investment.