Date: 2021-07-23

Story 1

Funeral held for assassinated Haiti president

Haiti (MNN) — Two weeks ago, Haiti president Jovenel Moise was assassinated at his home. Today, the country holds his funeral. Kate Michel with Radio 4VH, a Trans World Radio partner in Haiti, says, “The city of Cap-Haitian is where that ceremony and that process will happen. People are preparing there. But there’s also a real sense of grief and shock over what has happened, and a sense of being in limbo as to what this means for Haiti next.” This week, Haiti got a new prime minister: Ariel Henry. President Moise appointed him before the assassination, but his installment got delayed in the confusion. So far, the assassination hasn’t led to widespread unrest in Haiti. “Hopefully that will mean there will be opportunities for people to work together in a more peaceful way to resolve the issues that need to be resolved.” Pray Haitian Christians can be a witness to the hope of the risen Jesus during this tumultuous time. “And that’s something that we see in Haitian believers. They are very aware that God is with them, sustaining them today. And they will thank God for that. As others who don’t know Christ yet see that witness, we pray that people will come to the Lord.”


Haiti (MNN) — Haitian president Jovenel Moïse was assassinated at his home.

Story 2

Tokyo Olympics: the catalyst to change in Japan?

Japan (MNN) — The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are officially underway following today’s Opening Ceremony. Delayed by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the Games will run through August 8th. Athletes and fans aren’t the only ones affected by Japan’s pandemic changes. Joe Handley with Asian Access says believers changed their outreach methods, but their vision remains the same. Within the next three years, they hope to see 10 million Christians in Japan and 10,000 churches. Committed prayer holds the key to change. Join the million-hour “prayer force” at Mission-News-dot-org.


Japan (MNN) -- Join the million-hour “prayer force” and watch God change Japan.

Story 3

Olympic Prayer Journey begins today

Japan (MNN) — Jesus Film Project and Athletes In Action are launching a 17-day Virtual Prayer Journey today. The campaign highlights a different country each day. Insider info, like specific prayer needs and the country’s spiritual climate, will help you engage more deeply in prayer for the Tokyo Olympics and for the Gospel to spread throughout each nation. You can start watching today. Just look for the link at our website to join the Olympic Prayer Journey team. Find your place in the story at Mission-News-dot-org.


Japan (MNN) -- Jesus Film Project and Athletes in Action develop 17-day campaign for Tokyo Olympic Games.