Date: 2020-02-18

Story 1

Simplicity is ‘wishful thinking’ in a place like Sudan

Sudan (MNN) — The United Nations wants the US to remove Sudan from its ‘terrorism’ list. The UN wants to help Sudan overcome its challenges. Wycliffe Associates’ main mission is to provide access to God’s Word. As a ministry that’s adapted to the test of persecution in Sudan, it’s meant introducing portable Bible translation equipment. So while the announcement sounds like progress, President Bruce Smith says tribalism in Sudan is tough mindset to change. Be praying boldness and wisdom for believers in this transition.


Sudan (MNN) -- Language diversity, tribalism reflects Sudanese complexity

Story 2

New Iraqi Prime Minister has Christians concerned

Iraq (MNN) — Protests in Iraq haven’t stopped since the new prime minister was appointed at the start of the month. Anti-government protestors say Prime Minister Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi is just more of the same. Todd Nettleton with The Voice of the Martyrs says Iraqi Christians are also wary of this new appointment and what it could mean for their safety. Pray for a courageous Gospel witness in Iraq.


Iraq (MNN) -- A surprising prayer request for Iraqi Christians amidst uncertainty

Story 3

Burn clinic in Haiti treats all victims for free

And 15 children died in an orphanage fire in Haiti last Thursday. This tragedy highlights the constant danger posed to Haitians by fire and burns. For Haiti With Love runs the only free burn clinic in the country, serving almost 600 patients in January. Eve DeHart says, ““Because with the living conditions down there, burns open your body to outside germs and possible infections. And the more the burn, of course, the more the exposure and the more likely it is that without treatment it would be fatal.’” And as they heal burn victims, the workers in the clinic share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “And that is the best topic for keeping their mind off of what is happening to them. And particularly if it happens to be self-inflicted injuries, by someone who was involved in Voodoo, because it’s very easy to talk about a loving Lord who does not require you to do those things to show your faithfulness to Him.” DeHart doesn’t want to turn anyone away from the clinic, so it is impossible to predict how many will need care. Consider supporting the work at For Haiti With Love, and pray many patients would embrace Christ.


Haiti (MNN) — From Haiti with Love is the only free burn clinic in the country, and it is desperately needed.