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Date: 2017-08-22

Story 1

Nepal floods wash away hope, Asian Access responds

Nepal (MNN) — The people of Nepal desperately need your prayers. Days of monsoon rain have triggered severe flooding and landslides. Local contacts tell Asian Access the deluge washed away entire families. We spoke with Mr. Chittry, a friend of Asian Access: “Everywhere there’s water, so deep; [it’s a] very difficult situation. People had lost their life and all the food, clothing, everything they lost.” Nepal’s government isn’t allowing much international help. “They want to do it by themselves. If we wait for the government decision, then people will be losing their lives. There’s not enough food to eat. There’s also a [need for] medicine. [There’s a] fear of cholera and other things, so need more prayer there.” Local churches are providing clean water, food, and the hope of Christ. “People are facing a very difficult situation and they lost hope, so the local churches now and local government, NGO, INGO [are] trying to help them, but that’s not enough.” Find ways to help in the FULL STORY.


Nepal (MNN) -- Asian Access responds to Nepal’s worst rainfall in 15 years

Story 2

Fighting hunger, one kid at a time

International (MNN) — The latest data suggests that there are there are nearly 800 million hungry people in the world, with about 20 million on the brink of starvation. Droughts, war, and political instability have taken their toll on the developing world. Compassion International knows that to exact lasting change against poverty and hunger, you have to step into the individual’s life. For a few more weeks, Act for Compassion is running a “Kids for Kids” campaign. Keri Assante of Compassion explains: “People who really care about kids in poverty, especially people who care about improving nutrition or the income of children in need and their families, those people can actually create their own online fundraisers. So they’re getting their friends and their families on board to join them in this cause and they’re raising money specifically to give goats to children who are in need and their families.” Goats are a great gift because of their nutritional and financial benefits. “In the developing world, a gift of a goat can truly change the future of a family. […] When you give a goat to a child and their family, that gives them milk. So milk they can drink, and they can sell it to earn money.” Compassion International focuses on holistic care for children in need. That includes showing them the love of Jesus. To learn more about the ministry and this campaign, read the FULL STORY.


Int'l (MNN) -- Goats are a key to sustainability

Story 3

English program builds relationships for future ministry

Russia (MNN) — As summer winds down, we get to celebrate the way God worked through summer ministry projects. Joanna Mangione of SOAR International caught us up on one of their final projects of the summer. In Podolsk, Russia, the team helped with an English Intensive program offered to the children and adults of the community. During the morning hours, children learned and strengthened their English speaking skills: “The kids really loved the classes and really did have an opportunity to practice their English. They were constantly coming up to us and wanting to practice and wanting to try and wanting to communicate.” Overall, about 30 kids and 15 adults participated in the two-week program. And while the Gospel was not presented during the class, members of the community often brought up spiritual questions during meal times. Most importantly, SOAR’s local church partner was able to make connections with the community. “Their goal is to build relationships so that they can invite the kids back on Sundays and invite the kids back to a youth program or a youth conference or the youth Bible studies so that then there they can hear the Gospel in a deeper way.” We’ve got one more update coming from SOAR this summer, but for now, ask God to deepen the relationships made this summer.


Russia (MNN) --The local church is connecting to the community

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