Headliners for the week of 23 July, 2021

Funeral held for assassinated Haiti president

Haiti (MNN) — Two weeks ago, Haiti president Jovenel Moise was assassinated at his home. Today, the country holds his funeral. Kate Michel with Radio 4VH, a Trans World Radio partner in Haiti, says, “The city of Cap-Haitian is where that ceremony and that process will happen. People are preparing there. But there's also a real sense of grief and shock over what has happened, and a sense of being in limbo as to what this means for Haiti next.” This week, Haiti got a new prime minister: Ariel Henry. President Moise appointed him before the assassination, but his installment got delayed in the confusion. So far, the assassination hasn’t led to widespread unrest in Haiti. “Hopefully that will mean there will be opportunities for people to work together in a more peaceful way to resolve the issues that need to be resolved.” Pray Haitian Christians can be a witness to the hope of the risen Jesus during this tumultuous time. “And that's something that we see in Haitian believers. They are very aware that God is with them, sustaining them today. And they will thank God for that. As others who don't know Christ yet see that witness, we pray that people will come to the Lord.”

Call to action

  • Pray the joy of Christians will point many Haitians to the risen Jesus.

Christians die from COVID-19 surge in Myanmar

Myanmar (MNN) -- Fighting continues in Myanmar months after the military seized power from the elected government. Brian Dennett of AMG International reports thousands of people are still hiding in the jungle away from the violence. Now, a deadly COVID-19 surge has invaded Myanmar, and many Christians have died as a result. “We were so saddened to hear that eight of our AMG pastors and elders have passed away in just the last few weeks. And even more saddened to hear of the worst cases, which was just on the 22nd of June, three family members, a father, a mother and a daughter all passed away within just a few hours of each other on that day.” AMG has been providing food to displaced people in Myanmar, getting it into the country through Thailand. You can help send more, and we’ll connect you at mnnonline.org. “We've been able to get them things like mosquito nets and, and other necessary things to protect them. So we, we just need to continue to pray for these people. It is such a desperate situation, to know that our brothers and sisters around the world are suffering.” Ask God to comfort His people in Myanmar.

Call to action

  • Consider supporting AMG to send food into Myanmar.
  • Ask God to comfort His people in Myanmar as they endure fighting and COVID-19.

Latest crackdown: “Iran wants to make examples of these converts”

Iran (MNN) -- Iran sets a new precedent for persecution. After denying access to their lawyer, a judge gave five-year prison terms to three believers from a Muslim background. It’s the maximum sentence allowed under a controversial new law. Heart4Iran’s Mike Ansari says the outcome of this case will set the tone for persecution of any Muslim who may convert to Christianity. Ask the Lord to strengthen and encourage persecuted believers. Pray God will turn what man intends for evil into blessing and favor.

Call to action

  • Pray for a great wave of the Holy Spirit in Iran to continue bringing disillusioned Muslims to Jesus Christ.
  • Pray death curses spoken against Christians will be broken and turned into a blessing.
  • Pray for captives in Iran to be free.
  • Pray for peace and stability in Iran.

As thousands observe the hajj, Brother A lingers in limbo

Saudi Arabia (MNN) -- Only 60,000 Saudi Arabia residents are allowed to participate in the hajj this year, an annual Muslim pilgrimage. Foreign visitors may be banned, but Greg Musselman with Voice of the Martyrs Canada says, nothing can stop the Holy Spirit. The same God who breaks spiritual strongholds in the Muslim world can save “Brother A” from danger. This persecuted Saudi Christian is in serious trouble. Details in the full report at Mission-News-dot-org.

Call to action

  • Pray many Muslims will have dreams and visions of Jesus during the hajj.
  • Ask the Lord to give Brother A peace and protect his family.
  • Pray God will help Brother A sense His presence, regardless of how the verdict goes.
  • Pray Brother A will not receive the death penalty, and that the Lord will also spare him from a severe prison sentence.

Indonesia becomes Asia’s new COVID-19 hotspot

Indonesia (MNN) — Indonesia has surpassed Brazil and India as the country with most new COVID-19 cases per day. Indonesia reported over 56,000 new cases on Thursday. Juserdi Purba with Asian Access Indonesia says a Muslim holiday in May might have helped spread the delta variant around the country. “The government imposed the Emergency Public Activity Restriction, especially for Java and Bali Island. Because these are the most populous and popular Islands in Indonesia.” Purba says hospitals on these islands have reached 80% occupancy. The government has begun converting other buildings to treat patients. Meanwhile, Indonesian Christians have rallied to help those in need inside and outside the Church. “Especially to distribute vitamins and medicine to the people in quarantine or self-isolation in their house. And also to help the people who need treatment at the hospital.” Christians in the capital Jakarta have even established a task force to provide for COVID-19 patients. Pray Indonesians will get access to more vaccines soon. And praise God for these Indonesian Christians as they bless their neighbors.

Call to action

  • Praise God for the faithfulness and love of Indonesian Christians.
  • Pray Indonesia will have a greater access to vaccines soon.