Headliners for the week of 9 April, 2020

Tent schools prepared students for the coronavirus before shutting down

Lebanon (MNN) — It can seem like many people were caught off guard by the global spread of the coronavirus, but that was not the case for Tent Schools International. Emily Klooster explains, “When the virus first started spreading around the globe, teachers held lessons on good hygiene like covering coughs, washing hands and wiping down surfaces.” The schools are closed now, but the training will help refugee populations are very vulnerable to the coronavirus. “The close quarters and lack of certain basics in the camps present a definite challenge if COVID-19 reaches them. One example is a refugee center on the island of Lesbos in Greece, which has the capacity for 2,800 people, but now hosts more than 19,000 children, women, and men. It's nearly impossible for anyone living in this situation to follow health guidelines as you can imagine, and protect themselves from a virus.” So far, some camps have been protected by their rural settings. Klooster says Tent Schools teachers have been checking in with families each week to collect and distribute homework. They also provide food and medical supplies. These families need to know they are not forgotten. “Uncertainty is something displaced students and their families have already faced as they lost their homes and schools during war. So, pray that fear will not become a driving force in their lives again.”

Call to action

  • Consider giving to Tent Schools International to help provide resources and hope to students and their families.
  • Pray that the students would learn well from their homes, and that they would be free from fear.
  • Pray that the coronavirus would not spread into the refugee camps around the world.

Help and hope in India amid COVID-19

India (MNN) — India has so far avoided a coronavirus catastrophe. But John Pudaite of Bibles For The World says the outbreak is the biggest medical challenge their hospital in Northeast India has ever faced. “We've been directed by the state government to prepare an isolation ward for at least 10 patients. And even as we scrambled to follow with that directive, we found that the level of the personal protective equipment, the PPE, is just not available through our suppliers. And the things that are available are coming through to us at very exorbitant rates.” India has pulled off the largest shelter-in-place order in the world, and Pudaite says citizens have largely complied. But under this lockdown, millions of migrant workers suddenly have no way of supporting themselves. And with transportation shut down, they are trapped. “We have seen Christians responding to this by helping them shelter in place, providing free rent or a roof over their heads, and also providing food for them, their daily essential needs. And this has opened up some wonderful opportunities for the Christians in India to reach out to minister to these people.”

Call to action

  • Pray that the coronavirus in India will not divide people, but will unify them.
  • Pray that the BFTW hospital in India would have the resources they need to serve theri patients during this outbreak.
  • Ask God to protect His people in India.

Politics overshadow unified disaster response in the Philippines

Philippines (MNN) -- Headlines claim the president of the Philippines authorized police to shoot people who won’t follow stay-at-home orders. But, as Herman Moldez of Asian Access explains, things aren’t always what they seem; politics, exaggeration, and clickbait are muddying the waters. Life is calmer in the rest of the archipelago. Churches and businesses are working together to help those in need, while Asian Access finds new ways to support church leaders. Find the full report at Mission-News-dot-org.

Call to action

  • Pray for the safety of health workers responding to the coronavirus crisis in the Philippines.
  • Pray for Gospel opportunities, and pray believers will have eyes to see them.
  • Pray believers in the Philippines, and around the world, will realize their material possessions amount to nothing. Ask the Lord to help believers realize His purpose for them during this time.

Coronavirus crisis hits Native America; believers spread hope

USA (MNN) -- The latest coronavirus report shows nearly 6,000 deaths and 33,000 people have been hospitalized in the U.S. However, a top official says ongoing shortages mean data is incomplete and the situation remains extremely fluid. Brad Hutchcraft from Ron Hutchcraft Ministries says one population is entirely “off the radar”: Native Americans. The pandemic overwhelms most tribal health care systems. Pray Native believers will find ways to spread Gospel hope during the crisis.

Call to action

  • Pray Native believers will find ways to spread Gospel hope during the coronavirus crisis.
  • Pray for wisdom for On Eagles Wings leaders and its ministry partners as they seek ways to obey restrictions yet still help people in Jesus’ name.
  • Ask the Lord to guide On Eagles Wings teams and leaders as they plan upcoming activities.