Headliners for the week of 23 July, 2018

China pushes underground churches to register

China (MNN) -- The Chinese Church has rural, urban, young, old, registered, and underground congregations. David Curry of Open Doors USA says that diversity and size can make some people nervous. “There are so many Christians in China, and some people say there are more Christians than members of the Communist party, and that means the leaders are a little uncertain or not clear what that means for their future.” Some political leaders are worried about potential political motivations from the Church, and sometimes that drives people to action. “In this particular case what you have is the state administration requiring underground churches to pop their heads up and get organized or registered in a coherent way.”The Chinese Church is going to need the support of a global body of Christ in the coming months. “Pray that this kind of process will force them to check deep in their minds whether they’re Christians first or Chinese first. That’s fundamentally the question every citizen has to answer; are you a citizen of heaven first because you’ve decided to follow Jesus, or are you tied to a political agenda?” You can keep following the story with the FULL STORY!!

Call to action

  • Pray for the Chinese Church as this situation develops.
  • Ask God to protect the underground Church in the coming months.
  • Thank Him for the growth of the Chinese Church.