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Published on 28 March, 2005

A new website helps a person answer the question, ‘Who’s Jesus?’

International (MNN) — There are many websites that are pointing people to Christ. Many of these sites use Scripture or devotionals to help accomplish this. However, Back to the Bible has a new website that does it in an incredible way.

Back to the Bible International’s Dave Hansen says their Australia office launched “It is a web site that allows you to go the site, look at a scene that scrolls in front of you, and as you’re looking at that scene (you) see something happen or see someone pictured in that scene that relates to your life and when you click on that it takes you into the thought process of that individual.”

Hansen says the goal is to introduce people to Jesus, but it does it in a unique way by taking you into the life of the person featured in the 3D mural. He says as it does, “It eventually gets you to them thinking about, ‘Okay, who’s God? Hmmm, where did the butterfly come from? And, if God created this world why am I here?’ and so forth, and it eventually leads you to that opportunity to know Jesus.”

As people come to Christ at, Back to the Bible is pointing them to the local church. “We had to make sure that was part of the website – a way that this interested individual or this person who just came to know Jesus Christ becomes in contact with believers and eventually our prayer would be that he becomes involved in the local church in that part of the world.”

The goal is to eventually make it in multiple languages. Pray that many will find their way to the site and that many will give their lives to Him.

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