Every Child Ministries celebrates the growth of children’s programs.

By March 28, 2005

Democratic Republic of Congo (MNN) — Thousands of Congolese church leaders have welcomed Every Child Ministries’ training.

They were pleading for fresh ideas to renew and invigorate their youth ministries. “One of the highlights that happened early in our 20th anniversary year was receiving word of new Sunday Schools that have been started in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

Every Child Ministries’ Lorella Rouster says the solution was building up the Sunday Schools. “Counting these new Sunday Schools, Every Child Ministries has now helped a total of 2008 African congregations.”

Churches are enthusiastically sharing the Gospel with kids. “These churches previously had nothing at all to reach children.” Rouster explains that the vision is catching. “We’ve seen firsthand the excitement of these kids. They are just thrilled to have this opportunity, and they show it. The level of excitement in these Sunday Schools is just indescribable.”

Each summer, Every Child Ministries teams up teachers from America and from Ghana to introduce the Character Development from the Bible program to new areas of Ghana. It’s a wonderful opportunity that can introduce the teachings of the Bible to whole communities.

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