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Published on 06 November, 2012

A single backpack gives hope to hundreds

International (MNN) — A single backpack can make a difference in hundreds of lives. The JESUS Film Project has found a way to fit a portable video projection system into a backpack.

The "Give Them Life" backpack unit includes a collapsible screen, a video projector, DVD player, sound system, and battery and solar chargers.

The backpack can be transported by one person, no matter how difficult the terrain. In a matter of 25 minutes, the system is set up, and the JESUS film is ready to be viewed by hundreds.

The "Give Them Life" backpack is ideal for reaching audiences numbering in the hundreds. Sometimes that is an entire village.

You can help purchase one of these backpacks that is outfitted with everything needed to reach remote people or villages with the Gospel. Pray that many will be reached with the message of JESUS.

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