A revival of faith is spreading in Egypt

By November 6, 2012

Egypt (MNN) — Revival is spreading throughout Egypt: a revival of faith in Jesus Christ.

The first weekend of October, we reported that 10,000 young people gathered in the desert 60 miles north of Cairo to sing, pray and worship the Lord. That was only the beginning. On October 25-28 a larger event went on at the same location.

"Count it Right" is a Christian Rally that drew 45,000 people. Hundreds of people of all ages were bused to the conference grounds, which also hosted artistic and sports activities.

Jerry Dykstra, Media Relations Director for Open Doors USA, states: "What is happening in Egypt this month is truly awesome. In the midst of increased persecution, turmoil, and uncertainty, Christians are reaching out to others and fervently praying."

The focus of this event was to present the message of salvation and call people to give their lives to Jesus. This is a time in Egypt when Christians are being increasingly persecuted since the June election of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi.

It was reported that 45,000 attended "Count it Right," and an estimated 25,000 people gave their lives to Jesus.

Many Christian leaders blogged about the event.

"Big numbers, but most important of all, great harvest! The view of thousands of people standing up each of the four nights, proclaiming their desire to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, is hard to describe in words."

Not only did the people who attended enjoy the event, but 2-3 million people followed the rally on two Christian satellite channels. The event was broadcast live each day to North America, Australia, and the Middle East.

A Christian blogger added that Egyptian Christians "want to thank all our Christian brothers and sisters worldwide who have faithfully been praying with us and for us as we stood back and watched what mighty things God has done in the lives of many people. We are grateful to Him for His great work among us and for you as our partners in the Kingdom of God.

"We are so thankful to God for His protection over this large event and the large number of people who attended. [We are also] grateful for the smooth administration of so many logistics and for the spirit and attitude between all the believers who worked together to make it possible. We are overwhelmed by His goodness and His heart of mercy toward Egypt and are expecting more and more signs of revival in the coming days."

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