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Published on 02 November, 2006

International orphan ministry expands work in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia (MNN)–Buckner Orphan Care just expanded its adoption program to include Ethiopia.

They are currently recruiting families to pioneer the program, which should be registered by December 2006. The agency is known in Ethiopia, having provided humanitarian aid and support to the Christian ministry Bright Hope based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia since 2000.

When the groups last met and saw it was time to collaborate, they thought it was time to include international adoption and the renovation of a new orphanage.

UNICEF reports indicate nearly five million of Ethiopia’s children are orphaned due to poverty and illness. A small step, surely, but this new orphanage will hold up to 12 children from infancy to 3 years old, and all will be legally available for adoption. That offers the hope of a different life to each child that comes through this new partnership effort.

Buckner teams will also construct and support a school, all in an effort to glorify Christ by ministering to orphan children as they meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

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