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Published on 20 March, 2014

Join the Secret Church

(Photo courtesy Secret Church)

(Photo courtesy Secret Church)

International (ODM) — On April 18 “Secret Church” will host a Good Friday simulcast called “The Cross and Everyday Life,” from 6 p.m. to midnight CST.

The event will be led by pastor David Platt, author of the best-selling book Radical and senior pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Ala. Registration is available at Open Doors USA is partnering with Secret Church, a program of The Church at Brook Hills, to promote the event.

(Photo courtesy Secret Church)

(Photo courtesy Secret Church)

Secret Church is a simulated “house church” that seeks to inform and teach Christians in the West what persecution really looks like for millions of believers around the world. Secret Church desires to mirror the dedication of believers in persecuted areas such as North Korea, Nigeria, and Syria with intense Bible study and prayer.

Pastor Platt says: “The persecuted church is a secret church. It’s underground; hidden from the eyes of earthly authorities. But they are not hidden before God. They are growing–often thriving–in cultures and countries that seek to stop followers of Jesus Christ from proclaiming His gospel and His glory. These Christians, our brothers and sisters in Christ, need our prayers and our support.”

The Church at Brook Hills will host the live Secret Church event and stream the program through the simulcast. Secret Church is targeted to individuals who want to know God deeper through His Word and know His global church more fully. Secret Church’s simulcast also seeks to highlight the great need for Christians in the West to pray for persecuted believers around the world. The hope is to take what is learned from the event out to the world and make disciples, both locally and globally. More information is available on the Secret Church Web site at


(Photo courtesy Secret Church)

(Photo courtesy Secret Church)

Open Doors USA President/CEO Dr. David Curry encourages all believers to participate in the simulcast on Good Friday. “Secret Church is a powerful force for good. There’s so much we can learn from persecuted Christians which will deepen our own spiritual journey. I challenge you to participate in Secret Church’s simulcast and learn how you can partner with those fellow followers of Jesus who suffer for their faith.”

Platt says he has “a deep appreciation for Open Doors and all the ways it is coming alongside the church in some of the darkest places in the world.”



2 responses to “Join the Secret Church”

  1. stephanie says:

    I am happy to see the west taking in the mund of the secret church. What happens over there is gonna be here as well. We have to arm ourselves like wise. Keep on educating and praying.
    God bless

  2. Thanks and God Bless, we will stand and do intersession for them together we can!

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