Crimea crisis grows, Ukraine loses naval base

By March 20, 2014
(Photo courtesy SEND International)

(Photo courtesy SEND International)

Ukraine (SEND/MNN) — On Tuesday, 18 March, Russia claimed Crimea.

On Wednesday, almost 300 armed pro-Russian supporters took over the Ukrainian navy’s headquarters in the Crimean port of Sevastopol. Tens of thousands of heavily-armed Russian and pro-Russian troops reportedly are now patrolling in Crimea.

Ukrainian government officials angrily protested the take-over, leading to concerns about the tensions between forces igniting into a bloody conflict.

U.S. and EU officials imposed sanctions on a group of Russian and Crimean officials and have urged Russia to avoid escalating the crisis, but Moscow has ignored those calls.

(Photo courtesy SEND International)

(Photo courtesy SEND International)

What follows is an update posted by a team from SEND International:

Please continue to pray for peace in Ukraine. We are thankful that the referendum held in Crimea (March 16) and its immediate aftermath have been relatively peaceful. Russian lawmakers will vote on Friday concerning whether to make Crimea a part of Russia. There are other critical decisions being made this week in Ukrainian courts Russian troops continue to build up in Crimea and along the borders of Ukraine. The Ukrainian military is also moving toward those borders. The situation remains volatile.

Over the weekend, SEND relocated or evacuated our workers in three cities east and south of Kyiv. Many of our workers in Kyiv have also relocated or evacuated; those who have chosen to remain have access to vehicles and are prepared for a quick exit if necessary.

Please pray that all of our workers will sense the strength and sustaining grace of our all-wise, sovereign Father and will turn their anxieties over to Him, receiving His peace in exchange. Pray for protection for our workers still in the country and for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. And pray that God will accomplish His purposes and that the gospel will continue to flourish in this great country, for His glory!

I would encourage reflection on this truth from Isaiah 40.


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