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Published on 24 August, 2007

Peru rocked by earthquake; Christians bring hope

(MNN) — Food For The Hungry's team is among the many aid agencies responding
to the quake in Peru. There are more than 16,000 families in need
in Chincha. 

An estimated 60% of the houses in outlying Chincha fell in
the earthquake, and another 20-25% are too badly damaged for occupancy. None of the areas have electricity or running water restored yet.

Food for the Hungry relief workers are on-site distributing
food, water, basic medical supplies and temporary shelter. The team is working closely with pastors and
church leaders during this effort. 

Specifically in Chincha, the project focuses on providing
food through community feeding centers, serving 2,000 people. FH will set
up three feeding areas where three meals a day will be served, as well as an
option to receive dry rations to prepare for themselves.

Once FH finishes the distribution of food, the kitchen
equipment will remain with the lead churches so they are able to continue
serving their community. FH also has
plans to continue working with the pastors and community leaders to identify
the families most in need of temporary shelter. 

Tents will be purchased in Lima and then brought to the community. Along with these projects, FH is also working in collaboration with the Global
Relief Alliance and has been in contact with various organizations on the
ground and sharing information.

Please pray for the families impacted by the earthquake and
for the health and safety of the staff as they provide emergency relief and
Christ's love during this time. Click here if you can help.

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