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Published on 30 August, 2007

Rebuilding progressing slowly on 2-year Katrina anniversary

CityTeam's Disaster Response Team still needs volunteers to help rebuild
lives and homes in the Gulf

Two years ago, they responded to Hurricane Katrina's
devastation by providing shelter, food, water, counseling, and a long-term
rebuilding plan. And for two years, CityTeam volunteers have lived in a baseball field called "Field of Dreams." 

Today, there are still
families living in emergency trailers in Bay St. Louis. People of
the community share with one another their rebuilding efforts, as well as need for
labor, building materials, or appliances.

People also share their
frustrations and fears and have a volunteer listen to them. As a result, what was a unique kind of "refugee camp" has ultimately become a place where the community can heal.

Richard Williams, VP of Disaster
Response for CityTeam, says their teams have rebuilt 130 homes along the
Gulf. However, he adds, "I can't
count the thousands of people we have helped on a daily basis with multiple
services or home repairs, even today, two years after the disaster."

CityTeam focuses on helping one person at a time with
physical, emotional and spiritual needs. But they also
specialize in long-term disaster recovery along with the immediate relief.  If you can be the hands and feet of Christ, click here .

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