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Published on 20 March, 2013

Sea containers do more than deliver books

Africa (MNN) — Christians in two African nations will have affordable Christian literature soon, and you can help.

Christian Resources International Executive Director Jason Woolford says CRI is sending a shipment of Christian literature to strife town Nigeria. "For the first time in the history of our ministry of 58 years, we're planting the first-ever Nigerian CRI distribution center. We're going to have a place in Nigeria where folks will be able to come and take Bibles and Christian teaching tools."

In the world's economy Woolford says, "The average salary is about a $1 a day. And, when you tell someone they can come and pick up a Bible or Christian teaching tool. When they see the value of it is worth sometimes more than what they make in a month or sometimes two months."

Nigeria is plagued by violence from Islamic Boko Haram in the north. That conflict is the reason CRI is starting the distribution center. Woolford says, "We have had trouble, sometimes, getting the material to some of these areas. This will give us boots on the ground and allow people to shop for materials" in difficult areas.

Woolford says they purchased a sea container, filled it with gently-used Christian literature, and are sending it to Kenya. "As they use the materials for setting up lending libraries, filling Bible colleges, and for evangelism, they'll also use the container as a permanent lending or giving library for the Kenyans."

Kenya is ranked 40 on Open Door's World Watch list of countries where persecution of Christians is most prevalent. Woolford is hoping some of the resources get into the hands of Muslims in Kanya so they can come to Christ.

Woolford says this will allow Christians to get the training they need to grow in their faith and become a more educated disciple of Christ.

Funding is needed to ship these containers. Click here to get involved.


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