VBB reports light among the darkness

By March 20, 2013

SE Asia (MNN) — Believers are seeing hope among darkness in Southeast Asia.

A Vision Beyond Borders team just got back from sharing God's love with Burmese refugees, Nepali orphans and trafficking victims. They delivered much-needed medical supplies to refugees and built relationships with ostracized women and kids.

VBB team members first stopped at a small village outside the Burmese refugee camps, where they dropped off medical materials to help displaced Karen and Karenni refugees. Many supplies were also designated to help the Kachin people, who receive little to no assistance.

You can learn more about VBB's medical funds ministry here.

In Nepal, VBB works with a home that rescues trafficked women from the sex trade. Three women shared their testimonies with the team, and then spent time fellowshipping with team members.

Because women are often sold into the sex trade by family members, where they endure untold horrors at the hands of men, trust becomes a barrier to healthy relationships. More barriers arise from the women's low social standing and the stigma associated with commercial sex workers.

As VBB teams enter the scene with grace and the love of Christ, God uses their interactions to take the women's healing a step further. Relationships of trust, safety and kindness are formed, where team members and rescued women can pray together and be encouraged.

"I hope you realize how much your teams mean to the girls here," the house manager told VBB team leaders.

The VBB team also brought Bibles to countries that need God's Word. They had a bit of trouble getting through customs, but were eventually able to deliver Scripture to all VBB contacts.

Pray that each touch point will result in lives surrendered to Jesus Christ.

Read more about the lives impacted by Vision Beyond Borders at their website, or simply click here.

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